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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Michael. This is my first time using an ESET product. I found the ESET forum because I am having an issue with ESET Smart Security 9 (HIPS specifically) and Google Chrome and was hoping to come on the forum and get some assistance here. I'm running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64. AV I'm running is ESET Smart Security 9 (of course ) with everything enabled but HIPS (for reasons specified earlier), Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium, SUPERantispyware Pro, and COMODO Firewall. Interesting fact about me is that I can type up to 100 WPM with over 95% accuracy. BTW, I had started a thread describing my problem 7 hours ago saying moderator had to accept it first. I had also entered a post in a thread 3 hours ago; also saying that a mod had to accept it first before it is shown. I do not see it yet nor was I messaged or emailed anything from this forum. How long does accepting it typically take? Is that enough of a wait to inquire, or should I wait longer? EDIT: eventually it took 3-4 days... Thank you ESET Security Forum!
  2. How long does it typically take for a moderator to approve a post? I started a thread asking for help on an issue (google chrome crashing because HIPS), and it's been 5 hours... If it usually takes 24 hours, then I will wait. I would just like to have an idea how long to wait and when I should inquire about it. Thank you.
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