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    JeffJ received kudos from inkydolphin in Protocol filtering stops access to emails   
    I have several dozens of clients that are all reporting this issue as well, they all get a error stating the server does not support the encryption method all of the sudden, This is affecting Rogers emails as well as other ISP's using ssl but not gmail. It does not affect TLS, only SSL 

    this is all since  

    A work around is to either disable ssl/tls filtering or changing it from automatic mode to interactive mode and when you send an receive Eset AV prompts you if you want to scan the protocol and choose yes remember for this application then resolves the issue and you can change it back to Automatic  
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    JeffJ gave kudos to Marco5342 in Protocol filtering stops access to emails   
    Thanks for the suggestion, but changing this setting doesn't resolve the issue for me.
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