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  1. I don't think it's because the application was modified. Also, the firewall rules are unchanged. Some other info I remembered: I think the dialog is blue, same as the typical Interactive firewall dialog. The other URL shown in the dialog had "pricepeep.net" in it. After some search I believe it is "static.pricepeep00.pricepeep.net", which is malware-related. However I do not seem to be infected with it. So what dialog was that? Was Chrome trying to connect to the URL? If so, why was there a dialog (Chrome is already allowed by the firewall)?.
  2. I'm using ESS 9 with firewall in Interactive mode. Today, for the first time, a dialog popped up and I clicked the "Block" button without reading. I need help identifying this dialog so I know what I just did. This is not the typical dialog with the buttons "Allow" and "Deny", that comes up when an application tries to connect to the Internet. The only thing I remember is that this dialog looked similar, involved "chrome.exe" and some other url, and had the buttons "Block" and "Allow". Would appreciate it if someone knows what it is or have a screenshot.
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