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  1. Saw it'd been a full week since I submitted my log, no confirmation that it'd been received or was being analyzed. Thanks for the reply - will hold on.
  2. Had a chance to look at the log?
  3. Log is uploading now, I'll PM the link. Thanks again.
  4. You want that log run w/ or w/o the exclusion of the E:\pictures directory in ESET?
  5. So, problem seems to be solved since excluding those files from scanning, but that isn't really a "solution". I know you're suggesting that ESET was only scanning b/c another program was looking at those files, but 24/7 100% disc activity has absolutely stopped with the only change made being excluding ESET on my E:/pictures directory, so whatever other programs may seem to be involved, the culprit for constant 100% disc load is ESET. Any ideas on a fix that doesn't require leaving a huge # of files un-protected?
  6. I don't believe I'm experiencing the RuntimeBroker.exe issue. I know that the process DOES sometimes have high disk usage, but its NEVER happened when I'm using the system, or caused a system slowdown, so it doesn't seem to match the experience of other users who are having that issue. . . As suggested above, I've excluded E:\pictures & found that at least during the first chunk of time it SEEMS to have made a HUGE difference in the HDD usage I'm seeing when away from the computer. Will continue to monitor & report back. . .
  7. Yeah, I'd love a follow-up on this, hard to imagine that there is nothing wrong when I've got a secondary/non-OS optical drive suddenly @ 100% nearly all of the time when I'm away from the computer. When I sit down & start to use it, it stops, then starts right back up a few minutes after I'm done using the machine. Under protection statistics, I'm showing 174,265,034 objects, which seems like an awfully lot more than I've got across all my drives. Really seems like ESET is in some kind of weird "permanently scanning" loop, and as much as I've been loyal to ESET, I'm not willing to risk the health of a brand new 3TB drive letting it just constantly run @ 100%. . . edit - Didn't see your reply. I'll try excluding the pictures directory & report back.
  8. The problem never goes away, as I described in my original post, HDD activity for my large internal storage drive is near 100% all the time, with high CPU & memory usage, all with the ESET service listed as the #1 consumer. Protection statistics resets every time I reboot, but is currently upwards of 20,000,000 objects. At this point I'm getting concerned about the wear & tear on my drive. The activity light is on solid & I can hear the drive chattering away all day long, 24/7 unless I manually kill ESET. . .
  9. Sent you a PM w/ the logs on 5/10, haven't heard back, did you get the PM?
  10. Thanks Marcos! Working on putting that together right now. . . will send as soon as I've got the logs.
  11. Noticed over the last week that my HDD activity light has been on a LOT. Been running NOD32 for many years now & always appreciated that in most cases I never noticed it "doing its thing". Updated to v9 to see if that would change anything, but its back to maxing out my 3TB internal drive. The # of objects in "protection statistics" does keep counting up, was north of 20,000,000 when I noticed it had no record of having done an auto scan since updating to v9, so I started one manually, which reset the object count. Even as I type this, the ESET service is using ~15MB/s & ~80% of my big storage/media drive. Is there any way to sort out if this is "normal" behavior, and why its taking so long!? Was never aware of such long/sustained periods of high activity!!!
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