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  1. First of all, as long as I was waiting for this post to get approved I tried the Nod 10 Beta. When updated to newest virus database it still didn't work (Just did some tests just in case). So, enabled pre-release updates. Did the whole update (68mb) and I'm on 13461P (20160509) database version. If I'm correct that was the version v10 Beta used (not sure though) and still no luck. Although, disabling the Protocol Filter seems to work fine. So I managed to find the IP from the site and add it on the exclusions. So I'm good with Protocol Filter on. I'll keep the pre-release updates opti
  2. Hello ESET people and users, I came across a bug recently and even though I tested it from another PC and verified it I would appreciate if anyone else can verify too. I do use volafile.io site a lot. Sharing files with people. If you don't know what volafile is it's a site that you make a room and get people in there and you share files in real time. Suddenly, I figured out I couldn't managed to get on the site. The site isn't blocked by NOD as a harmful site but while you get into the room there's a loading moment that says Realtime FIlesharing! until the room it's loaded and you hop
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