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  1. Thank you Marcos. I've sent you the link. Anyone else? I can't imagine I'm the first one to have this problem. Right now, my only "fix" is to turn off Real Time Protection for the hours the accountant needs access and that's not really a good fix in anyone's book. Quickbooks gives me a list of executables and ports to open. ESET gives me the ability to exclude folders. If it's there, I haven't yet found anything that goes down to the file or port level. I've excluded every know Quickbooks folder they tell me and still nothing.
  2. That makes sense. The trouble is finding all these exclusions. That's what I was hoping to find by posting here as Quickbooks has no information specific to ESET.
  3. Michelle, I've done that. Didn't help. Marcos, yes disabling R-T protection helped. Protocol filtering did not. Apparently there are some services in Windows I haven't found yet to specifically add to the exclusion list. We have a shared NAS drive I'd like to put the files, but Quickbooks wants to install some sort of server script and that doesn't work on a "drive only" device. So right now I'm stuck with having to find a way to get QB's "server mode" through ESET.
  4. I am having trouble getting Quickbooks to allow multiple users while having Endpoint Antivirus 5.0 installed. The only way I can get the Quickbooks sharing to work is by disabling ESET. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  5. It doesn't help that nearly any computer purchased nowdays has "energy savings" hard coded into the chips. No matter what we do with "sleep" the NIC chip wants to shut itself down when not in use. I have it so it wakes up when packets come their way, but there's still about a 30 second delay as it wakes up and reconnects to the network. During this time ESET responds with "server not found" and stalls the update and won't restart until someone manually opens the window, acknowledges the error with the "Okay" button and hits "Update" again. I have automatic updates for a reason. I don't wa
  6. Some of our machines go unattended for several days at a time. I have a mirror server and remote admin setup so I can monitor and do the updates for them. The problem seems to be that updates won't happen because ESET has generated an "update failed" message and won't continue until someone physically goes to the machine, opens the ESET window (where it says everything is fine) and clicks on the "Update" tab. There, it shows that an update had failed and nothing happens until they click "Okay" to clear the message. From there everything is fine. What can be done to not require this ack
  7. We have several "road warriors" with laptops. I'll try that with those so they can update even when they're out of the office.
  8. I found all the missing settings. Documentation was all over the map, and it took some detective work to get it all straightened out. For future reference, yes I needed to open up the ports in my ERAS. Using the stock Windows Firewall setting tool wasn't enough. I had to manually create my own rules in the "Advanced" setup. Going to the Client workstation I had to enter the Update Server using the full name including port number. Then under "Setup" and "Advanced Tools" I had to find "Remote Administration" and enter the server name but without http or port number. I see no reason to
  9. Okay, I'm getting closer. I successfully installed the eset client on a computer fresh out of the box. Everything worked and it logged into the mirror server and downloaded the updates. But, still nothing in the console. Going through the documentation yet again I pinged successfully, telnetted (had to go to Control Panel to activate telnet) and found that I couldn't connect to port 2222. Remember, I've already successfully connected via the client. Trying to follow the documentation was not helpful. Apparently the instructions were written pre-Windows 7 as nothing there really applied. In
  10. I just successfully installed yet another client but nothing has appeared in the console pane, nor does the update I just downloaded even show up in the server logs. This is getting stranger by the minute.
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