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  1. Windows 7 is affected too. Tried on clean VirtualBox machine (Windows 7 + Google Chrome + windows updates + trial ESET Smart Security).
  2. You can try other sites for websockets test, for example, this: hxxp://www.websocket.org/echo.html
  3. These files are protected by OS, aren't they? At least, you should first change their ownerwhip, add write permissions for yourself... Then bypass Windows File Protection somehow... Not so trivial task.
  4. After update at 5/05/2016 many users of my webchat met problem: websockets ceased to work. How to reproduce this bug: 1. Turn Protocol filtering off (at Web and Email section of advanced config) 2. Open hxxp://websocketstest.com/and ensure everything works ok 3. Turn Protocol filtering on again 4. Refresh hxxp://websocketstest.com/and all websocket connections (except SSL) will fail. If I add remote server's IP-address or application to protocol filtering exceptions or turn protocol filtering off - websockets will work again. Please fix this bug because it's weird. In versions before 5/05/2016 everithing worked OK. Thanks.
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