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  1. I've just come across a problem when having a web page open in ESET Banking & Payment Protection and using MS Excel at the same time. In Excel if I try to copy and paste something it works fine the first time, then if I try copying something a second time Excel comes up with the error "We couldn't free up space on the clipboard. Another program might be using it right now." I googled the error to try and find what might be causing this and a common cause was zone alarm. Although I don't use zone alarm I thought it could be something to do with Smart Security. To cut a long story short, after playing about with this for an hour and testing various different scenarios, I found that the problem was occurring when I had a web page open in ESET Banking & Payment Protection. However, closing ESET Banking & Payment Protection didn't resolve the problem as I found that once it had been launched eOPPFrame.exe continues to run in the background. I wasn't able to kill this from task manger so I had to go into the Smart Security setup and permanently disable Banking and Payment Protection to stop eOPPFrame.exe from running. Once I'd done that I was able to copy and paste in Excel without any problems. I only came across this problem yesterday, and previously it's not been an issue. The only thing I can link this to is a recent product update I remember receiving for Smart Security within the last week. The only reason I remember it is because it required a reboot to apply the update. I'm currently running version 9.0.375.0 of Smart Security and the module versions are: Virus signature database: 13454 (20160507) Rapid Response module: 7977 (20160507) Update module: 1062 (20151228) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1483 (20160418) Advanced heuristics module: 1168 (20160304) Archive support module: 1248 (20160329) Cleaner module: 1119 (20160315) Anti-Stealth support module: 1095 (20160310) Personal firewall module: 1314 (20160412) ESET SysInspector module: 1257 (20151113) Real-time file system protection module: 1010 (20150806) Translation support module: 1479 (20160422) HIPS support module: 1223 (20160419) Internet protection module: 1251 (20160503) Web content filter module: 1051 (20160412) Advanced antispam module: 3656 (20160507) Database module: 1080 (20160405) Configuration module (33): 1240.4 (20160406) LiveGrid communication module: 1021 (20160310) Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405) Banking & payment protection module: 1063 (20160414) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1001 (20160310) Network protection module: 1148 (20160506) Has anyone else come across this problem or have any kind of solution? or if not, is there a particular process of reporting a bug to Eset? Thanks Lee.
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