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  1. What exactly do you need in said "Step-by-step instructions"? Do you need to know my current ESET settings and the application that I am attempting to run? I need clarification in order to give accurate information.
  2. The issue does persist. If you could explain exactly what information you need from me, I will supply it to the best of my ability. I am not sure how or what info you would need to reproduce the issue, so an explanation would be handy for my assistance.
  3. I temp disabled the firewall, and that had no results. When the Protocol Filtering was disabled, I was able to log in properly. I have already excluded the applications suffering from the problem, but I have done nothing with excluding IPs. What can I do to allow certain programs through it?
  4. I have just built a new desktop within the last couple of weeks, and most of it has gone without a hitch. However, there are a couple of programs that cannot seem to connect with authentication websites respective to them. My primary example is War Thunder, an online game. It will not allow it to connect to the server, despite the fact that the ports required are open and it is on the "excluded applications" list in "Web and Email", as well as being allowed to connect both ways through the firewall. I tried to troubleshoot through windows "incoming connections," and it says there are "one or more network protocols are missing on this computer." I promptly tried to "repair as administrator," which seemed successful, but it continues to show up immediately as a problem. I don't know if this is a Windows 10 problem, an ESET problem, or just difficulties in compatibility. I currently have ESET Smart Security 9 and loaded drivers from my MSI Intel Motherboard's disc. Thanks to anyone who can help. Kind Regards.
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