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  1. Purchased, installed, updated, and scanned NOD32 on Win 7 with no problem. 36 questionable items found and eliminated. Exited and turned off computer. When I rebooted, I found that my FireFox and Chrome proxy settings had been deleted and I could not access internet . Only way to go was to restore the system to a week-old restore point... which means that internet access is back, but so are the Junkware, old settings, and 36 possibly objectionable items. ESET is now gone and will have to be reinstalled. So what do I need to do to avoid this mess after I reinstall? Thanks for the hel
  2. Trying to download a new MP3 player for my laptop. Looked at several reviewed in freeware section of C/Net. Selected one and tried to download through C/Net, but was blocked by ESET with an "access denied" pop-up. Tried another, same result. And another. Thought it might be a problem with C/Net, and tried an MP3 player download from another site. Same dire warning and access denial. And again, with another download site. Any ideas? Is this confirmation that the world is coming to an end?
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