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  1. Hi! Today one user has disable antivirus, i need to re enable, what can i do?, there is some policy or remote comand for this? Thanks in advance! Pablo
  2. Dear Esset Staff: I would like to use our LDAP server, but i can't find any information how to configurate Era Server for to use it. Can you tell me some hint for to configurate it? Thanks in advance Pablo
  3. Hi! I would to know if it's possible to activate/ desactivate firewall using client task run command?, there is some restriccion? Thanks in advance! Pablo
  4. Hmmm, weird behaivour..., please look at the following log for Windows 10 Professional, why this? Thanks in advance Pablo 2016-05-09 18:09:20 Error: CRemoteInstallModule [Thread 7f66d37c6700]: UnixWindowsNetworkRemoteInstall: remote deployment to '' terminated with 255 2016-05-09 18:09:20 Error: CRemoteInstallModule [Thread 7f66d37c6700]: UnixWindowsNetworkRemoteInstall: output of '"/var/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/Scripts/UnixWindowsNetworkRemoteInstall.sh" 2>&1': * Created temporary directory /tmp/era_remote_deploy_wn_sIMNhZIhdDX4Go5u * Creating command
  5. Dear Esset Staff I had to install by hand, now i can see in the dashboard..., but is true, it's impossible to work with push in home edition's.. Thanks! Pablo
  6. Hi! I've tryed to deploy the remote console agent with success, but when i try to do with computer with windows 7 (home edition) it's impossible, as you can see the deploy it's ok but in the last operation fails to read the file content with code error, what can i do ?, there is some solution for this? Thanks in advance Pablo * Created temporary directory /tmp/era_remote_deploy_wn_COkKBZiTVjJTSMh7 * Creating command input/ouput redirection pipes + mkfifo /tmp/era_remote_deploy_wn_COkKBZiTVjJTSMh7/cmd.in.pipe + mkfifo /tmp/era_remote_deploy_wn_COkKBZiTVjJTSMh7/cmd.out.pipe -----
  7. Hi Esset Staff! Ready works, is very easy .. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi Eset Staff! How i can apply this policy?, i need to go target, left mouse button and manage policy? Thanks in advance! Pablo
  9. Hi People! Now i need to know how to list applications installed windows 10/8/7 remotely?, i have a clients with remote agent, but i need to make a report with this information. Is possible to use client task for to do it? Thanks in advance! Pablo
  10. Solved! The problem was no clean install + DNS configuration, now all works in centos 7. Please update the documentation, because in Centos 6 have severals problems with samba version, especific with: net -i -k rpc service You can resolve if you use samba4, but you can't use mount -t cifs, by incompatible install versions. [root@ERAServer ~]# yum install cifs-utils Complementos cargados:fastestmirror Configurando el proceso de instalación Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile epel/metalink | 2.8 kB 00:00 * base: centos.secrel.com.br * epel: mirror.ce
  11. Hi Serre! Is better to use Centos 7, there is a big problem with CIFS and Samba, if you install eraserver in Centos 6 rpc command dosen't works, if you till used Centos 6 and install samba4, rpc works but cifs dosen't install for compatibility problems with samba 3.6 All those problems are solved if you use Centos 7, only one hint if your organization don't have Active Directory, you need configurate SRV service in your DNS with eraserver register modify with regedit in the target (if is windows) for to use administrative shared folder as $IPC $ADMIN and others, you can read
  12. Dear Eset Staff: Here the target files, perhaps the error is can't resolve EraServer name, look at in zip file, it was maked by Diagnostic.exe tool inside the target, in dns server i get the following configuration: eraserver A _era._tcp.eraserver IN SRV 0 5 2222 eraserver.areaprod.b2b. How i can resolve this error? Thanks in advance Pablo last-error.html status.html trace.log RemoteAdministratorAgentDiagnostic20160503T194141.zip
  13. Dear Eset Staff: Only i can find in the server those log files , but in the target nothing there isn't a log file, can you tell me the path inside the target for to find it, please? Thanks in advance! Pablo last-error.html status.html trace.log
  14. Hi Eset Moderators! The information in client details, said never...., what the next? Thanks in advance! Pablo
  15. Hi ESET Staff! Yes my first step was install Era Agent to Windows 10 Client by using Era Server, was successfully, but when the folowing step I use Era server for to install Antivirus , only the task is planned but never executed.., whats wrong with the server?, I've attached the log server on my first post. Thanks in advance! Pablo
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