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  1. hxxp://www.mathwars.co.kr/asp/com/bbs_view.asp?idx=103&page=1&startpage=&num=103&ref=103&board_id=tb_notice&find=&search=


    this hacked page.. other av detect ->  html/ramnit



    but eset no alerting ths page..  Is this normal?

  2. Hello lemon866,

    The "next generation" term was regarding our business products, thus version 7 (ESET Endpoint Security 7 and ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7).

    As for home products, the feature is already present in v10, which is available on some markets since a few weeks ago and will be released globally soon.


    Thank you for your answer.

  3. Hello,

    Yes, all our products can detect and clean any type of malware recognized by our detection engine, ransomware included.

    For our latest home products, we have even added a ransomware-behavior detection and after some fine-tuning, we plan to include it in the next generation of our Endpoint products as well.




    next generation version is ESET V10 OR V11  ?

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