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  1. In preparation to replying to this I thought I would sample your "sysInspector" I have a complaint It has a "cancel" button that doesnt work and it doesnt recognise that "SysInspector" is already running I think I will stop using eset your programmers obviously dont know what they are doing
  2. the memory leak is real and still ongoing, today (22 April 2016) I had to reboot my machine because ekrn was occupying 800MB of memory I changed options to try pre-release updates Update (23 April 2016): I tend to browse the internet looking for things to download, then queue them up in flashget for downloading. This morning I did that, 642 files 1,020MB, ekrn.exe memory usage went from ~132,000kB to ~451,000kB Then I added flashget to the "Excluded applications" in "Protocol Filtering" This afternoon 638 files 942MB, ekrn.exe memory usage didn't increase at all.
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