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    beethoven gave kudos to MichalJ in Confused with setting up scans and looking at output   
    Hello @beethoven, I will try to provide some insights, to the concepts of ESET Protect / Protect Cloud. 
    Out of the box, ESET applications (Endpoint Security) are configured with defaults. They are automatically updating all of the relevant internal components (modules). The status of your network can be seen on the dashboard, in sections "status overview", "computers" and with regards to the history of scans in the section "Antivirus" (there is a chart / table, showing info about the last scan execution time). You can drill down, to the list of computers from there. 
    If you want to have a scans executed periodically, you can configure them indeed via a policy / scheduler, or via a new client task "computer scan" where you can configure a trigger, that will execute the task in a relevant time window. Results of the scans, can be interpreted in two ways: 
    There is a report, called "computer scans in last 30 days" that gives you a high level overview of all scans executed on the devices, with their results and high level info, about the scanned targets, number of files, and results.  If scans discover any malicious / suspicious files, those are automatically reported to the section "Detections" (regardless, whether they have been detected by real time protection, or by a scheduled / manually executed scan).  Also, just a note. By default, when ESET Software is installed, it runs a full "initial scan" of the device, and since then, it is sufficient if it is protected just by the real time protection (unless there are specific compliance regulations, that require periodic scanning of devices). 
    Hope that his helps. If you will have any additional questions, feel free to post them here. 
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