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  1. Hello, We are PHP Web Developper using Composer to manage dependencies. We are unable to use the Web Access Protection and run composer. It is a known issue for Composer, but I want to know if this can be addressed by ESET so we can keep Web Access Protection on. https://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/troubleshooting.md#degraded-mode
  2. Still nothing from my end. I will try and poke the support again.
  3. Worked with support for about 2 hours yesterday trying to reproduce issue with different configurations. I'll let you know when I have anything new.
  4. Have you tried to regenerate your EraAgentInstaller script from the ERA server? Can you post the commands you are using to call the sh file? Worked for me using sudo -s bash EraAgentinstaller.sh
  5. The current thread issue is the slow (really slow) boot time. What you mention seems to be an issue where you are using an incompatible version of ESET with the latest Max OSX Sierra 10.12. It requires the latest version of ESET to work. Did you give it a try?
  6. According to some users, disabling the email protection is resolving the issue. Can someone confirm this theory? Any other update? Have any of you tried the latest version
  7. Marcos: Any update on whether or not this is going to be an integrated feature? +1
  8. When can I expect the new Endpoint Antivirus package to be available within the ERA console? How can I retrieve the direct package in case I want to try to push it "manually"? Thanks
  9. This was not my case here. As we have only one person assigned to one computer, we manually add the account to the "admin" group in OSX. I realized that the people having the issue had installed the default Fortinet Client package on their Mac to connect to our VPN. The problem is that this default package also installs an antivirus. When both antivirus try to start, it makes the computer totally unusable for about 20 minutes. After this delay, I was able to deactivate the antivirus portion of Fortinet and voilà! Computer now starts OK.
  10. Are you using active directory for sign in to your Macs? I'm using AD as well.
  11. I'm having the same situation here. After deploying, no more Websites issues, but now many users complaining of slow startup and hangs. Can I disable startup scan through policies temporarily? Couldn't find how to do so in the ERA console. Please assist.
  12. I use Active Directory to list my computers. I use ERDS to monitor computers connecting to the network while not being part of the domain.
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