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  1. There is existing 10-20 network connections always refered to hostname "mail.ru". I thought that is very suspicious. Is there any way I can delete this registrys I have tried a number of tools but all got "Access is denied.Unable to delete registry.Unable to set new owner. Unable to save permissions." As I remember the software that installed this didn't ask me anything-it only show some king of fake error message then my computer started to lag and I saw a .exe file name like 16237612376881.exe in Startup and System.exe in task manager and in Run registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. I deleted them but this I didn't know how. Also it redirects a bunch of websites like google to mail.ru. Please help because this is very annoying for me. I will post the SysInspector log tommorow. Thanks for fast respond
  2. Hello. I use Internet Explorer8 as my browser. I have add-on virus. It infected my Internet Explorer registry and set permission so I can't change start page , search tab or anything... I tried doing what I found on Internet - to set myself as an owner but I keep getting messages "Access is denied,unable to save permissions." and "Unable to set new owner." I tried changing it in Internet Explorer in Tools\Manage add-ons but nothing happends really. It has added the following site: www. mail .ru as a start page and search. Is there any command in cmd or a way so I can remove this annoying virus. I logged as Administrator , done it in safe mode , ran regedit as Administrator but nothing. I really don't have an idea left. ESET didn't detect it as a threat I ran SysInspector and it only detected registry as yellow-red.
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