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  1. I think you mean "it can be bypassed" - Alright thank you for that knowledge! Yeah that is one of the top notch features of ESET. Is there an answer to my last question?
  2. I had opened a spam mail in 2016 I guess and the windows mail application loads the attachment automatically by default ... End of the story it was the Nemucod Trojan and ESET did block it. I always check the results at AV-Comparatives and I see an increased detection of ESET with V12 but nevertheless I am asking why there is no such mode like "If ESET's unsure" because there are a few compromises whereas Defender is a bit more User-dependant in such situations. I think it'll be nice to have such a mode and a mode where ESET is blocking everything of which it is unsure. Nevertheless I know that there is no 100% protection but how is BitDefender performing so well in not pretty real world like tests? (more a hypothetical question) I switched to ESET because of V9 before that I'd been a Kaspersky User for about 10 years. It took me a lot time to try out other solutions and finding out which is the best for the things I do - since then I recommended ESET to many people who are using ESET now or had done it and I still do. The end of my licence is close and I am evaluating again... ESET renewal, BitDefender or MS Defender. The best is if the system is secure and it is user-dependant like Linux is but we all know no system is secure that is why there are AVs. MS Defender is an onboard solution and pretty well except in ESET categories like performance and False-Positives and thats why highly integrated and after self protection (Windows 1903) probably the best solution (?). From a developers or person close to it (not marketing) perspective @Marcos & @itman why using a third party AV like for example ESET over MS Defender? And what is the future of ESET product looks like in point of detection and its functions?
  3. Heya guys hope you're all well. Probably you've already read about it but there was a malware in an flight sim addon built in by a famous developer itself (If you haven't - Here's an article: https://fselite.net/news/fslabs-provide-detailed-update-current-situation/ ) That malware had been built in since the first version and since then ESET found it every time when I scanned it and that's why it could have been found out a lot earlier than now! Thank you ESET for providing maybe the best security against unknown threats!!! I attached 3 pictures: The first 2 show the last version with the malware built in and the third shows the latest version in which the developer has removed the malware.
  4. Dear ESET and forum members, I got ESET Smart Security 10 installed on Windows 10 1607 with activated Anti-Theft module (yeah it is a Notebook). Since the latest program update 10.0.369.1 the Windows Defender remains activated after every boot or restart. I deactivated the Defender but it turned on every time. I deinstalled ESET over the Windows Uninstaller and installed it again but that changed nothing. The Defender symbol is visible at the taskbar even if I deactivate it. I haven`t got this problem at my PC where I updated ESET to that version too and friends of mine haven`t got this problem on their PCs too. I called the ESET support but the friendly man didn`t know the problem and couldn`t help me. Maybe you got a solution. I know that I can deactivate the Defender by editing one or two keys in the Registry but I want that ESET controls the Defender. I want to mention that before the program update I hadn`t got that problem and I only did this, so no Windows updates or other things installed at this time. Many thanks for your help! Best regards
  5. BPP works with IE, Firefox and Chrome: v9_bpp_chrome.png I love the UI of ESET 9 and I can't really complain about the performance. But faster is always good 'Protection statistic' (located Tools>More Tools) and scan logs (not scan logs from the 'Log-files' (Tools>More Tools) only from the Computerscan page at the main page) always reset themselves after shutdown the PC... strange but it isn't important for me. Finally Chrome 64-bit support, thanks ESET and thanks Marcos for the information. I tried it and it work like it have to.
  6. I am pretty sure: YES. Go to the ESET App settings click on deinstall. Then install the play store version click licence and "I (already) have a licence", then you will be able to insert your key and start using the latest version
  7. Sorry, I missed point 2. I don't know how to tell if it is 32-bit or 64-bit, but Chrome is reporting 51.0.2704.84 m If you got the 64-Bit Version it stands right behind the version number in brackets. Like that: X.X.X.X m (64-bit). I have Chrome 64-Bit and the ESET Payment Protection don't work since the update to Chrome 51, there before with all older Chrome 64-Bit versions it worked. Maybe you are wrong Marcos, or ESET don't support the 64-Bit version after an update, or I am just a lucky guy
  8. Yes, ESET does. At least the Deep scan mode always also scans the sd card. Oh ok great to hear, but then it is a recommendation to make it more visible.
  9. I don't find the option "Scan device" but according to the Android System (Android 6.0) ESET have full access to my SD card. At deep scans it isn't visible if ESET scans the SD also at the scan logs. For the scan I have 3 options: Fast, Smart and Deep, I always choose deep when I start a scan which isn't often but it will be very great to know if ESET scans the SD. Thank you for the fast answer Marcos
  10. I don't want to blame you about the current lack of the SD card scan but I think it is time that you include the SD card in the complete scan at the application. Can you say us something about it Marcos ?
  11. Same problem here, maybe it is a problem with the update... Unfortunately again. Please fix it and bring it under your control ESET Using ESET Smart Security 9.0.381.1 with the latest update, but I got the problem since yesterday.
  12. Hello Skier, did you try a clean reinstall of ESET ? Because I don't have those problems. Please read carefully, I said the things about your move and not Marcos .
  13. Dear Skier, as I read I think updates are very important for you so please remember that in that point Kaspersky is very bad. I came from Kaspersky because of many bugs and problems... but that is your decision. It is absolutly not important where you download it, so for the next time please try it at the links postet here or when not, on other websites from ESET, like the german one... Here is the link for you: hxxp://www.eset.com/de/download/home/detail/family/5/?installer=offline#offline,249,ENU, As in every application even in Kaspersky the new builds are directly on the website but not in the application itself. You have to wait a little bit and then you can update your application to the new build. Feel free to ask but don't change your application so fast when something isn't working like you expect. Regards
  14. For me I can only say that I love the GUI in the Smart Security 9 and also in the Mobile Security 3.2. I hate the colourful GUI in the old versions and the GUI from v9 is modern and very flat which a good security application have to be. Please stay with it ! Like Marcos said: some people hate it, some love it, but I think the most users love the v9 GUI. I came from Kaspersky because of ESETs Smart Security 9 and the countless bugs and the bad support at Kaspersky... But of course ESET have to deliver to keep me
  15. Thank you very much for the fast reply, but I waited till the release updates came out and coupled with the virus signature database 13359 you solved the bug.
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