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  1. I used the safemode uninstaller. Eset is up and running again. Thank you
  2. It did not reselove the issue. Still says I have it installed when I try to install
  3. Please help. I made the mistake of having Microsoft try to resolve a Win 7 issue. In the process the Tech Support corrupted my Nod 32 Anti-virus. I got an error message saying that Nod 32 was unable to connect with the kernel. I tried to uninstall Nod32 but it would not uninstall completely. Microsoft managed to uninstall Nod 32 , or so it looked that way. When I tried to re-install Nod 32 , I got a message that it was already installed. I downloade the safe mode removal tool. But it says if you use the tool it can reset the Windows Network Connections. Im at wits end here. What should I do. P
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