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  1. hi guys, i'm looking for a best practice how-to for our citrix-terminal-server PVS system. pvs-citrix system PXE-Boot with streaming HDD from a golden image. the servers booting every day from the image. we installed eset + agent in this image, get the policies from ERA and booting a few times. but before we close this image we uninstalled the agent (see problem 1) Problems: agent with same ID from the image workaround: before we close the image, we uninstall the agent. there is an local windows task (5min after booting) to install the agent every day again. so it's a "new" server after every boot. groups & policies we use dynamic groups for policies (name with "pvs") and a task to delete the "old" servers (no connection since 1day) activation problem workaround: we use a servertask to use the offline-licence with a trigger (activate every time a new server is incoming to the group) is there a better way to do this? maybe a "best practice how-to"? best regards trayn
  2. with an offline licence there are no problems. i got an error in the ERA console (Task failed in the security product) on the client logfile (ESET-Kernel;Aktivierung fehlgeschlagen: Aktivierungsserver nicht erreichbar). i use an activation task on the ERA server for all the clients but 5 clients have problems. we use the ERA appliance on our esx-cluster (ERA+proxy etc. on the same vm) the server is in the same network, the connection ERA<->client is okay (no Firewall or somethink like that) the policies are okay (proxy, certificates etc.) also i tried to reinstall ESET + agent (same problem) i think i will open a support ticket
  3. i have the same problem with 5/170 Servers. No way to use the online licence! Need help please