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  1. OK this is still a massive issue for me and after just having spent $350 on ESET for all of our office machines I need to get this resolved or I'll have to get a refund and move on to using something different. The problem is still the same as originally documented. Are there any logs I can pull that would help identify what is causing this issue so I can start to make progress...
  2. So I turned off Real_time file system protection and it seems to have 1/2 resolved the issue, the Start bar is working again always but I still cant see file properties? After selection it just does nothing.. Ideally I'd prefer if this was on though and not causing the problem. Are there any potential log files I could pull to help find out why this was happening?
  3. So I just installed ESET Endpoint on my Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit system and instantly my Windows Start button (bottom left hand corner) has become inactive and I can no longer view any file properties (right click on a file and choosing properties from the drop-down) I had a similar problem on several other Windows 10 machines (all clean new installations) running the Standard ESET Smart Security. If I go in to the task manager (CTRL ALT and DEL) and find 'Windows Explorer>System' under processes and restart it I am good for a while and then it sort of all happens again? I'm getting really sick of having to always restart this to use my system properly. Any ideas on how to resolve this would be appreciated!
  4. I spoke too soon. After turning this off it worked for a while but has now reverted. The machine I'm using right now has everything in the 'Basic' antivirus section turned off and the same problem has cropped up again. Is there any way to pull a log file that would let you see the offending modules
  5. If I turn off Anti Stealth, And all of the Basic Scanner options I get my properties back. This is the first time I've tried this.
  6. I have been having issues with Eset Smart Security (v 9.0.375.0) on every Windows 10 Pro X64 install I've done. I am now 50+ installs completed and the machines I;ve not put ESET SS on are functionaing perfectly but all the machines with Smart Security on have the following issues. - The 'Start' button is stops responding. Only way to get it working again is to fire up Task Manager and restart explorer.exe or log off and on or reeboot. - The right click file properties simply does nothing. Every time I install this I completely lose this option These two issues are making things hard with regard to staying with ESET Smart Security. I need to resolve them ASAP or I'll start to look else ware, as I dont have the energy any more. Before I'm asked to do anything with Windows 10 (which I'm not going to do) these are all completely FRESH installs with completely formatted drives and everything if perfect on these machines. I've already made sure that the issue is not related to windows 10. ESET SS is the only thing throwing these off.
  7. So I've done several fresh installs of windows 10 pro X64 on identical machines and installed ESET on 1/2 of then. Unfortunately the machines that have ESET Smart Security seem to experience the following issues. 1. I cant view any file properties when I right click and choose properties nothing happens on the machines with smart security on them 2. Random crashing of the Windows 10 start button. Everything else works but windows 10 start button wont open up. If I go in to task manager and restart explorer.exe I'm back but for how long I don't know. Its a shoot. Either way we use smart security on 5+ machines and I'm now having to consider not using it on any as I cant survive with this bug / issue. I really don't want to hear (re install windows 10 again) or this is a windows 10 bug. Its not I've done around 50+ fresh installs from completely formatted hard drives and this issue only every crops up once smart security is installed. Its 100% an issue with the software. I've done every singe Windows 10 tweak to try and resolve this but still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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