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  1. This has been marked as 'answered' yet it clearly hasn't as the problem persists for me in the released version - 9.0.318.0. The ONLY way I can keep SSL scanning on is with Https scanner OFF in web settings, not good, not good at all.
  2. Just to clarify, with SSL filtering on and https checking enabled in 'web protocols' I can browse most sites okay, much of the time, however if I try to search through my address bar - my preferred method, the first time it works, all subsequent searches fail with a bad connection error.
  3. The latest version of Chrome and yes it does, I also note that there are 2 entries for Chrome under the List of SSL/TLS filtered applications, is that normal?
  4. Hello, as we all know SSL filtering is enabled by default in Eset Beta 9, however I'm having issues with it. I can't perform more than one search from my Chrome browser bar without a failed to connect message popping up, the only way to enable normal browsing is to either switch off the option completely in enable ssl/tls protocol filtering, or switch off enable https checking. The reason I'm posting this is more to find out if others are having the same issue, or whether it's just me? Asking as I can only find old references to similar issues for Eset prior to version 9. Thanks i
  5. I think the important thing is that Eset as a group managed to sort the issue out, I do however question the apologists, that blamed everything other than the generally brilliant Eset software - however I can see from that reasoning why they would.
  6. I'm sorry to harp on but why aren't people backing up their systems? There's no real reason not to nowadays. It's not rocket science and the software is free. I find it unbelievable all this talk about reinstalling Windows, there's no need. I do backup, however I tend to delete old backups to save space, I actually backed up *after* an incorrect malware removal - bad luck eh? I only realised after a restart that it was borked... Shoot me!
  7. Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for looking into it and fixing it pretty quickly all things considered. Cheers Eset!
  8. @Marcos Can we now assume the issue is prevented from recurring for those of us with cleaner build 1112?
  9. What value do you have in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{42aedc87-2188-41fd-b9a3-0c966feabec1}\InProcServer32\(Default) ? %SystemRoot%\SysWow64\shell32.dll May I just add this, it may or may not help, but I have reinstalled Windows 10 thus correcting the issue and today installed Eset AV beta 9 and this is what I see in the above key: %SystemRoot%\system32\windows.storage.dll Is that correct for a Win 10 64bit system running Eset AV (cleaner build 1112) ? For clarification, my sysyem is currently running fine with no folder issues etc.
  10. The question I need to ask is, is cleaner build 1112 expected to fix the issue for those currently having troubles, or as I suspect, is it expected to prevent the issue occurring in the first place? If it is the latter, then it seems those with the issue may have to bite the bullet and re-install, or wait for a fix at some point from M$ perhaps. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just as a matter of interest folks, can anyone confirm that this issue does not occur when using Eset AV and only seems linked to Eset Smart Security suite? I ask as I am giving Eset AV Beta 9 a whirl alongside Comodo firewall, I have made a full image of my drive, so I have a fallback should the issue reccur. Oh, and for information purposes, I too have the Nvidia driver for my GTX670 - version 355.82. However, on that note, I see that yesterday a new driver was released, 355.98 - guess I'll try this too and hope for the best. P.S. For what it's worth, I trialled Bitdefender 2016
  12. Ken I appreciate that you are trying to help, but you are a little off the mark. The issue has page after page of posts on various websites pointing out that their icons no longer stay where put after a restart and the folder views are not saved either - example can't save as list view. keeps reverting to small/big icons whatever. Okay, the issue appears to be the result of Eset removing malware (as I said in an earlier post) following this removal the issue arises. It is *not* just a general fault, the only time it happens is following the removal of malware, even potential malwa
  13. Doesn't help, the issue seems to occur after ESS removes malware/potential malware - it's as if a registry entry is borked or removed completely upon said malware removal. As I said, it's a shame, as I'm now forced to look elsewhere. (temporarily - I hope)
  14. I have had the same issue, other than this it has been running brilliantly, but this is a mess, sadly. After being a long time customer I've been forced to uninstall, re-install Windows and install the 6 month Bitdefender trial. However, I will return to Eset as soon as I know that this is fixed. Fingers crossed!
  15. Hmm, okay thank you Marcos, for now I've switched to the EM mail client. This is working fine. By the way, am I reading it correctly or does your response suggest a possible attack on Mailbirds servers?
  16. I've pressed ''yes'' and the popup disappears, only to popup the next time I start Windows, or restart Mailbird. I've also installed the certificate to no avail, as the problem persists. This did not happen on the previous beta version of ESS.
  17. Hello, I recently installed the latest beta of Eset Smart Security ( and all seemed well until I restarted my PC. I use Mailbird 2 as my email client and now every time I start Windows, or exit Mailbird and re-start it I get this - see attached screenshots. If I disable Eset protection, exit Mailbird, then restart it, the issue is gone, so it's ESS related. Please advise.
  18. Thank you SCR, may I ask how you got that information? Or did you just compare old to new yourself?
  19. Mine has updated fine, the only chnge I've noticed is that online banking now opens a secure new window. Can we have a change log please?
  20. Update: Upon further inspection it seems that it was a account security issue, it's now setup as admin in Windows and the problem has been fixed, sorry for wasting your time Marcos, but thanks again for the offer of help.
  21. Thank you Marcos for the reply. I'm not sure what you mean by a process monitor log in this instance, however I can tell you that I can create files and folders in the second partition without issue. Further information; I'm using a Microsoft account pin to login, however I can login locally - via password and the issue persists.
  22. Hi guys, great software as always. However I'm having a small but annoying issue, in that I cannot export my ESS 9 beta settings to my second partition Instead I get a notification telling me that I don't have permission to save in that location, and to contact admin in order to proceed. My account is admin and is the only admin account on this pc, any solutions please?
  23. I have the same issue too, also and this may be entirely unrelated, I sometimes have to restart the steam client on startup as it won't connect,this never used to be a problem. For information, my sons' pc has a different security suite, using the same router and sees no such issues.
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