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  1. Hello, Hopefully this is a quick answer for someone but i am going in circles trying to figure this out. really should call support. Does anyone know what to do when the package list fails to populate with other ESET products? (screenshots attached) just want to push out an uninstall command for eset anti-virus so we can then push out an install for eset endpoint security.
  2. Hello, Just wondering if there are any eset guides for removing a piece of malware that redirects a users extra tab to a website called Britmethod.co The website has a rather annoying video message that informs the user of how they have found something unbelievable. resetting the browser settings removes the issue until the machine is restarted. a quick google shows guides that suggest removing registry entries. Just thought i would post on here in case there are any recommended alternatives or further areas that need to be addressed.
  3. Hello, The following website is being blocked by the internal blacklist of ESET Endpoint software: hxxp://www.venturepropertiesuk.com/ Just wondering if this is intentional, and whether we could find out why it has been blacklisted.
  4. Hello, just a quick post to check whether or not the following website was part of the errors yesterday (7/4/2016) where major websites were blocked and users were required to restart their machines to flush the url blacklist. Or whether its a separate issue. (The site in question is run by a local auctioneer company) hxxp:// thomaswatson.com
  5. Hi there, same issuing happening for us and some of our clients. disabling protection lets you onto the websites but of course that is undesirable.
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