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  1. Sorry for the delay, but it's Khmer New Year here, and things are a little discombobulated as a result. I know that Endpoint Antivirus doesn't have a firewall, and yet, there those rules are. The rules survive a reset and reboot. I don't think anyone tried to install Endpoint Security — I don't think the installer will even run on Server 2012 R2, will it? Yes, I uninstalled ESET and rebooted — the rules survived that. As I said, I think they were set somewhere in Group Policy — I just need to know where in Group Policy they are set. I asked my questions at ESET Interna
  2. We're running ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5 on all machines, including the server. After I noticed the ESET firewall rules, I uninstalled Endpoint Antivirus, but the rules remained, so I re-installed Endpoint Antivirus. Do these rules look like they come from another ESET product?
  3. I've got a server running Windows Server 2012 R2, using ESET 5.X on the server and about 20 workstations, using ERA to push install. I migrated to Server 2012 from a 32-bit 2003 R2 server, using a second machine as an intermediary. Following the migration, and after installing the ESET stuff, I discovered that no user machines could connect to the server unless I disabled the server's Windows Firewall for the domain. Looking at the firewall rules, I saw a bunch of rules, as you can see in the attachment, which appear to be ESET rules, and which I suspect are the source of my problem.
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