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  1. On 1/16/2019 at 7:30 AM, JohnReddy said:

    Hi all,

    If you are still watching the topic, I would like to inform you guys that the 6.7.400 update is now available in different languages in the official website! Cheers!

    The release is 6.7.400, not 6.7.600 as the release candidate, right? I wish to try the .600 since I am facing a peculiar issue of Wifi disconnection upon plugging/ unplugging the charger on the MacBook Air 2017. Version 400 fixed the full disk access and accessibility issues, thank you for that.

  2. Marcos, I am sorry, the word "Webshots" must have slipped your eyes due to it being buried deep in my text.


    The issue I am facing is not about ESET installation, it is about a program Webshots Desktop not working while ESET CSP is INSTALLED. Oddly, if I quit ESET, even then the program refuses to work, but the moment I uninstall ESET and reboot, the program then works. I am also in touch with Webshots people, who have told me to contact you as well since this is a firewall issue.


    I have tried to work around the firewall options, but not working out. I am open to a TeamViewer session if that helps you diagnose my issue better. I will not give up on ESET, but I would really like to have my desktop wallpapers! It is a consistent issue, Webshots has never worked with ESET installed, running or not.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hello,


    This issue is not related to the newest release of ESET Cyber Security Pro, but a general issue that I am facing. I have the latest ESET CSP installed on MacOS Sierra, and Webshots does not work anymore. The moment I uninstall ESET CSP, it works again. I have tried to add this app to the firewall, but still fails to function. Is there anyone using or willing to try Webshots and ESET CSP and help me out with it?


    Many thanks!

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