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  1. Been there man, it sucks. Here's some tweaks to get your group back up and running: Disable system file startup scans. You can only turn them off through ERA. Disable email file startup scans thru ERA. Disable email client and email scanning thru ERA. After a fresh client install the machine will have some lag processing all of the definition updates. Should subside after the third restart. Also, ESET's repository has a horrible slow pipe, we ended up creating an internal update mirror to bypass every client dialing back to ESET's repository. Good luck!
  2. EES startup lag has been a constant thorn in my side for managing Capitan clients. The issue stems from scheduled system file scans that take place on every login and virus database update. What's more confounding is these scans can only be disabled via policy, I have not found a way to disable them client side. They can be disabled via OSX policy under Tools>Scheduler>Tasks>Edit and disabling Automatic startup file check for all launch times. However, even after this policy has been changed, our users have still been reporting system startup issues, with delays tipping the 5 m
  3. Having trouble with ERA starting tasks. I'm trying to update EES on OSX via a local package on our network. I create the task, set the target and specify asap execution. The task is created and then nothing happens.
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