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  1. Its works. Unfortunately I have tried to connect to 32bit system and patch to exe was set for 64bit system. Regards
  2. Thanks Martin for Your answer. Unfortunately it doesnt work too... Any other ideas? Regards
  3. Hello after short break:) Yesterday we migrated from Endpoint Antivirus to Endpoint Security and I have problem with configuring Rules for UltraVNC for all users through the ERA. First I tried to manually add ports 5900,5901,5800 with no result. Later I have changed mode from automatic to interactive on local machine and allowed the rules of VNC and they have only names of aplications: winvnc.exe and vncviewer.exe. With that local configuration Im able to connect to the computer but only when i manually set them on clients. How should I do this via ERA? Regards
  4. Today I have upadated agent on one of computeres where is installed EEA 5. When I tried to push update via ERA 6 after a while I get status: Task failed, try to install manually. But I really dont want to do this manually...
  5. Keystroe access I have already solved. Reason was probably: java.net.BindException: Adres jest już w użyciu I had to: service tomcat7 stop lsof |grep tomcat kill -15 <PID> service tomcat7 start and now it works. Probably port was hold by old instance of tomcat and service or even server restart couldnt loose it. Thanks MartinK Your support was very helpful
  6. Trace log and status.html looks fine in my opinion. But in catalina there are some errors it could be a reason? Ill be glad if You take a look on those logs -EDIT- Logs removed
  7. I can ping the server but I cant open webconsole page. Service eraserver status says is start/running. I'll check Your other suggestions.
  8. I tried to install Rouge Detector to already existing ERA Server on Ubuntu and now im unable to connect to webconsole. Which logs should I check? "last-error" from RDS or RA?
  9. Hello again. I have another briliant idea:) Can I push installation of JRE via ERA? If yes how should I do this? There are any pros and cons of doing it in this way? Regards
  10. You already answeared my question. Somehow on client there was unchecked "automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time" Thanks
  11. My server shows correct time but when im adding tasks in ERA they are -1 hour from server time, why?
  12. When a threat is found user have option what to do. I would like to disable this possibility and automatically block the file but I cant find where I could do that. Regards
  13. In previous version of ERA when I changed computer name it stayed like that, but now after interval it is replaced by hostname of PC. Theres any way to hold name added by hand?
  14. Thanks MartinK Its looks like You were right. For now I have changed TOMCAT7_USER=tomcat7 to root in /etc/default/tomcat7 and I can access via https. Regards
  15. Thanks Nubian for the answer. unfortunately .csr and .keystore files are in this location. -EDIT- Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /home/administrator/tomcat.keystore (Brak dostępu) (Brak dostępu) -means "access denied". It can be possible it is a because of privileges?
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