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  1. Hello, after updating to the new 10.1.204 I seen this and found it to be odd with the Chinese looking symbols. The message did go away and everything seems fine after clicking ok but is this error normal? See pic!
  2. I have had SSL/TLS disabled the entire time so its not that I still get the error.
  3. I have just re-installed Windows and everything from scratch! Still having the same issues see pic.
  4. Hello, I am also having issues with getting apps to update in the Windows Store with error 0x80072EFE. Temporarily disabling the anti-virus and firewall does not work. SSL is OFF on my system and the apps still FAIL to download. The only way to do it is by uninstalling eset completely and then they work just fine. I even tried the Troubleshooting Firewall and unblocked everything it showed listed and still did not work. Very annoying! Also, the update of eset 9.0.375.0 is blocking my game on Second Life trigging Degrade in Performance which is annoying. It is blocking my WD Cloud Drive on my network, and my printers. Fix This!!! Currently running 13225
  5. Yes disabled everything and still have nothing but issues. I have tried the Learning Mode but it keeps adding the "same ones" over and over again and makes no difference.
  6. I want to add to this thread and post that after 9.0.375.0 came out, I have had nothing but problems. Windows Store Apps will not update "all" of them. My Second Life "Game" keeps saying it found a Degrade in Performance and locks up. My printer, my WD Cloud HDD, and other stuff are getting BLOCKED! I have hit unblock but they just block it again. I have uninstalled, used the eset uninstaller, did a clean install of Windows 10 and nothing wants to work properly unless I just uninstall eset and leave it off the computer. This needs to get fixed asap!
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