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  1. Very odd since a Firefox refresh should have corrected any issues if it were browser related but considering Edge won't load it either that kinda rules out the browser being the issue and the fact I can access it on my mobile device just fine outside of the Eset environment.
  2. I'm currently on ver. and it seems ever since it updated I haven't been able to access https://phatwalletforums.com Doesn't matter what browser I use. IE Newest FF or EDGE I can access the site just fine on FF with my mobile which isn't running Eset IS for mobile I just have this issue on my desktop that is running Eset IS. I've refreshed Firefox also to no avail. I'm pretty sure this issue stems from Eset IS not allowing the page to load. I receive this error no matter the browser used. Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to phatwalle
  3. I just started having this red exclamation mark on Eset I believe last night which leads to the titled issue. It says to restart which I have done and it doesn't correct the issue. I'm on v.
  4. Food for thought it seems maybe Winscribe requires port 443 possibly with their instructions for setting their service up directly with dd wrt https://windscribe.com/guides/ddwrt
  5. Had a wild hair and ran the Shields up tests upnp, file sharing, common ports, all service ports on my cell and every test passed with flying colors. I'm not running a mobile version of Eset and just using the default android security on it. My game rig passes the common port test and has the 443 port as stealth so not sure why it shows closed on my daily unless it has something to do with the VPN service. My game rig also passes the all service ports test where as mentioned before it fails on the closed 443. Both my daily and game rig are on the same home network along with the dish boxe
  6. Ok I set the wired Network 1 to Home/Office and the WindscripeVPN connection to Public again removing 3 other rogue connections. This is all on a home network not work place. I am paying for the lifetime WindscripeVPN service. It has what they claim is a built-in firewall that doesn't allow connections unless the application is connected but I've occasionally been able to still load web pages when it isn't connected. I wrote into them on this matter but haven't received a message back. I also unblocked my R7000 from the Network Connection/Troubleshooting Wizard. I've scanned
  7. I'll have to try that again with all the extra background stuff off. I've removed all the extra network listings in Eset to what I believe are the home and virtual (windscribevpn) What should these be set as public or private? I've also ran a network scan/tree with eset and the router doesn't come up as a notice anymore but my main desktop (the one I'm on) does and states traffic blocked. I really don't want to spend a day reloading this computer again but it's seeming that I'm heading down that road. Would probably be best to do all 3 of them just to make sure. I obviously need to m
  8. Can't add anything else to the above post because it keeps putting the cursor in what I pasted. The All Service ports test yields the same as above just 443 as Closed the rest of the ports are secured unlike a few posts up where a bunch were open. This is also what it had to say about the same test: Solicited TCP Packets: RECEIVED (FAILED) — As detailed in the port report below, one or more of your system's ports actively responded to our deliberate attempts to establish a connection. It is generally possible to increase your system's security by hiding it from the probes of pot
  9. Well I reset my router and had a heck of a time getting back into it to set it up. Couldn't access it via any of the 3 pc's or my phone which have regularly been on the network prior to the rest. I pulled out my old surface RT tablet and was finally able to connect to the default connection without issue. Makes me wonder if I have 3 pc's and my cell infected with something. I've gone back through all the settings with changing my router's IP this go around considering all the freakin problems that have been appearing as of late with these notices out of nowhere which are now on 3 pc's (Th
  10. Nice to think it can spoof your own Ip's to make you think it's something on your own network. To make me feel even more secure: No, your DNS resolver does NOT validate DNSSEC signatures. I'm about to find some place to hire a security/network professional to fix this . It's all way over my head. I'm quite sure after reading on that Google page about the cache poisoning attacks I've already allowed it through with Eset. :-( FYI my AirVPN sub was coming due in July and I picked up a lifetime winscribe VPN sub a few days back for cheap so I just installed that this morning and I'v
  11. I too have a bunch of networks showing up in Eset on my daily/media server while we just have two showing up on my fiances pc and my game rig. Eset SS on my fiances computer and my game rig both show: Wired Network 1 Home or Office Network inherited from Network Adapter Wired Network 2 Home of Office Network Inherited from Network Adapter While my daily shows the attached image. Looking up the in Network and Sharing center I only show two active networks. The first being Private Network using the Realtech network adapter and the second using TAP Windows Adapter 9. The unide
  12. So I turn off UPNP on the router and now I'm getting this pop up from Eset and another one for a duplicate IP on the home network I didn't catch that one in time before it went away though. The below "computer" is both my 65" Samsung tv and the Dish hopper in the living room. I'm also getting these notices on my fiances computer since turning off UPNP on the router. If I turn it back on these notices stop.
  13. Are these ok though: [UPnP set event: Public_UPNP_C3] from source (My actual computers IP on the network) [LAN access from remote] from to 192.168.***.***:5101, Saturday, Jun 10,2017 00:41:13 (Dish Hopper IP) [LAN access from remote] from to 192.168.***.***:5101, Saturday, Jun 10,2017 00:35:37 (Dish Hopper IP) [LAN access from remote] from to 192.168.***.***:63694, Friday, Jun 09,2017 21:20:18 (My actual computer IP on the network) I don't know what those from IP's are.
  14. The above that I posted is from the Log. Not exactly where to go from here since if what your saying is in fact what is going on then this is an issue obviously and somehow needs to be stopped. Getting a bit over my head though.
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