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  1. Looking at the lack of replies to this issues im assuming no help is pending on these issues and will switch to another product I guess.
  2. First time I tried this product. Im trying to scan a Dell Inspiron 620: Intel Core i5-2320 8GB DDR3 using a Integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 vga graphics controller. I used the Live USB creator for Windows to create a usb flash drive its a Kingston DTR30G2/16GB When I boot the usb flash drive on the dell. I get to the boot screen, but right after I selet the first option to load the eset sysrecue, the screen goes black and does nothing. It looks like the live os is booting because I can see the drive light flashing. Is there any bootable options to select a differnt video mode or a way to resolve this? Thank you.
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