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  1. Hey guys From last about 3 - 4 builds of eset endpoint antivirus I noticed, that when new version of product is online @ repository.eset.com, older ones are unavailable. In past older packets were ready to download also. My settings of repository on ERA are set to AUTO. I wont lie, it makes a little problem for me, because I have 30 mini admins in my era and they keep talking that console doesnt work right, because of that install problems. Its not console problems, package I pointed is unavailable to get and install. What is the reason of delete older builds (I mean -1 builds)...?
  2. Description: add some communication method between era administratorsDetail: Add some MSG Center to dashboard. For example I make some global change on ERA server and want to every other admin see my note / msg. Or lets use smtp server and lets push emails via it to selected administrators (they have emails in details so console could use that) Description: Delete task from station destroys trigger not taskDetail: At this moment when You want to kill scheduled task, You need to find that task, then trigger and delete it there...There is no chance to delete trigger from station view
  3. Description: md5 support Detail: ERA should allow You to make a blacklist identied by md5 hash. In our company, sometimes we get information from external sources about files in md5 hashes, but we aren't able to block that kind of files.
  4. thx MichalJ for quick reply Im off to work on distro upgrade with mysql community edition on it. Greetz
  5. Hi there I know product specification of ERA. At this time, there are only 2 db types to choose from : ms sql and mysql. But almost every distro of linux abondon mysql-server, they replace it with MariaDB. So my question is : is there any chance to see ERA product which supports MariaDB ?
  6. On Windows XP, there was an issue..when You had windows firewall disabled, then noone could ping You...or do some RPC ...Just sayin....
  7. I would regenerate agent msi (including ini), and redeploy it on network. Easiest way to check it on the fly is to get some free software for network deployments like pdq deploy and check it. I did it when I changed my server of ERA and it worked like a charm. Another thing is what config have Your agent. Maybe there is a fqdn and dns doesnt have records about it ?
  8. Just run it with dynamic group : if product not 6.5.xx than run task (software install ...You need to create new task or upgrade older)
  9. I did it by splitting it to 2 dynamic groups : Dynamic group filter my os (is it windows 7, server) Check's is there any eset antyvirus - if not...then launch task : install product Of course I have linked other dynamic groups for os filter dynamic group such as : old agent (then task with upgrade) old av (then task with upgrade) Check this out
  10. Im also interested in checking version 6.5 asap. There should be plenty of changes my organization waiting for. Currently Im administrating high scale env with 6.4 so It would be nice to check that one out
  11. Thx for reply and cant wait for that update
  12. I had similar situation. All I did (I had near 400 stations) was re-deploy agent. I did it with PDQ Deploy software (free version), loaded new bat file and thats it. It goes on the fly and it wont get more than 45 minutes for 800 stations...
  13. Hello I have a question to Eset crew about splitting write/execute attribute at access rights section. Our company thinks about central console for lots of smaller organizations which eploy many local admins and this feature is critical. Is there any chance to make it possible in near future ? Thx for reply
  14. its not there. Look for disk_cache.conf @ /etc/apache2/mods-available/
  15. Hello I was able to install eset remote administrator on windows server. Allready deployed it on domain that windows server is a member of. Now I wanted to connect computers from other domains and there is no way they will show up as connected. Mapping to new static groups works like a charm. Synchronizing computer names and theirs location works also. If I deploy an agent, I get info about software install but nothing happens. After this I checked those machines and none of them had agent installed. So I decided to manual install agent (via bat file). Now I see agent but its not appears o
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