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  1. No, Im not using any 3rd party plugins
  2. Hey guys. I started new thread as I want to read as many stuff members as possible. As You know, there are some bugs I have in new ESMC server. Yesterday I migrated my db to official VA as I wanted to eliminate possible errors caused by server configuration and I see errors. There was a topic in past and fix but I guess it will not work for newer version 2018-09-19 10:35:19 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 7f2472ffd700]: remote_endpoint: Bad file descriptor 2018-09-19 10:35:29 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 7f2472ffd700]: remote_endpoint: Bad file descriptor 2018-09-19 10:35:39 Error:
  3. I can say that I had same situation today. I pulled my db from old debian server to official VA, and it happend. Rebooted server and problem was solved. I dont know how You guys, but I look at server logs, and I get plenty of warning logs : 2018-09-19 09:54:54 Warning: CReplicationModule [Thread 7f24177ee700]: RpcCheckReplicationConsistencyHandler: Token validation failure 2018-09-19 09:55:25 Warning: CReplicationModule [Thread 7f241aff5700]: VerifyDeviceAuthenticationToken: Verification of authentication token: e97553142e2d4fcf300f07ccb8ace7bf36d8ee08cdca73ec92d4b3844821fa5a failed (er
  4. If its not a problem I would like to send You logs tomorrow as Im on 10% of my Global objects when it comes to upgrade. This problems is currently my number 1 reason I didnt deployed upgrade global
  5. Yeah it happens from time to time. I allready reported that problem to ESET Stuff. My temporary solution is : export registry entries for "ESET Management Agent " from machine that have info about installed agent. Then import them to machine with problems. You can make it via reg import command. On those computers with problems You can see, that ESMC Agent isnt on the list of installed software. Use at Your own risk <- this solution isnt supported by ESET
  6. Please delete that mentioned file, it should be ok after re-run (had some similar problems on some stations in past)
  7. Temporary solution would be to create dynamic groups that will sort servers and clients and attach client task run when joining DG. Less work, full automatic
  8. 2018-08-30 12:13:48 Error: CDatabaseModule [Thread 3240]: Database connection down. Exception:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]General network error. Check your network documentation. (11) 2018-08-30 12:13:46 Error: Kernel [Thread 3038]: Preparing to stop module 'CDataMinersModule' failed with: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Login failed for user 'era_user'. (18456) In my opinion there is credential error, You should be able to check Your used password in : Check used password and re-run installer
  9. try https:// instead https:\\ What o/s You are using for esmc and what is an error that You have when trying connect to console ?
  10. Just do that now and You will be able to continue upgrade
  11. First You need to get of presentation mode (IMO it should be disabled by default). Check Your Policies for these products. You need to enable those modules. Last thing : is there reboot requirement ? If not, deal with policies first (presentation mode can be also disabled by a policy)
  12. Didnt noticed You are still on version 6. I upgraded my era to esmc but I upgrade esmc agent didnt worked for me via task. I installed it manually after re-generate inside console.
  13. You need to get out of authentication. Http proxy with credentials is not allowed at this moment
  14. Go to installers and generate new installer + ini (if on linux then You need only installer in sh). And launch it on server. You cant upgrade agent on server via client task
  15. Just make new client task : software uninstall and point to security ones. This should work without any problem
  16. I use msi + ini and deploy them via gpo. Just generate files (new msi and new ini) in console and it is ready to rock
  17. licence is valid for 6.x - 7. Maybe You did same thing like I did in past : installed eset endpoint security instead eset endpoint antivirus... ?
  18. after install of ESMC agent, policy run smooth.
  19. Until today I was almost sure it can be done by policy : setup level of logging severity on warning (for device control) setup minimum verbosity for notifications on warnings But unfortunetly it doesnt work. All You can do now is a report action.
  20. If Your era server is upgraded and You logged in, Then You can revoke privileges. No need to shutdown anything, Just execute command
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