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  1. Am I wrong ? All of You guys use windows server right ? Maybe there is some bug, but I had similar problems. Not similar, same problems...lets call things by its name. And one more time. I had no problems at all with version 6.5 until upgrade. I need to mention, that I noticed more bugs noone else wrote here : sometimes after upgrade to era agent, computer missing info about v7 agent installed (even if its running and connects to server) my virtual machine have problems with connecting when I enable vlan on host machine...
  2. You can try to download VA and launch it on Your desktop (via virtualbox for example)...I dont know Your resources, You know them better.
  3. Is there any chance to launch second server, based on linux (there is VA to download) and connect some testing machines to it ? You dont need extra licence for it, as all You need is agent connection...just to make things clear
  4. Not firewall itself, but security profile. In my case, UTM was a gateway. There was IPS and Antivirus profile enabled.
  5. And Yeah....I also rebooted my console until I found out real issue ..... pnp4nagios(6).pdf
  6. Mate... https://forum.eset.com/topic/16883-solved-esmc-logs/ Read first, comment after ok ?
  7. Shane You have, You just didnt noticed it. When console dont send reports, check Your agent's status. You will notice that some of them doesn't work. If You have some test machine and it's working fine, reboot it then. You will notice errors in status.html https://forum.eset.com/topic/16883-solved-esmc-logs/ Information about reports is in different post but look after it in Your server...I was so frustrated
  8. All of You guys write are results of something. There is a problem with Your console. ESMC connects in kinda different way so You all should re-analyze Your current environment (network).
  9. Remember that there is something called interval. This is the time when agent and console exchange theirs data. So if You launch task for example @ 22:00 and it will finish task at 22:19, agent wont pass current status to console. You can play with connection interval's make client task with scanning without shutdown + execute shutdown in other trigger If You will choose to make 2 tasks, last one will have "running" status untill agent connect to console and upgrade their status
  10. This issue is related to the one with hosts not connecting to console. I had same problem with reports and none of configuration worked for me. When I fixed my "connection" issue, it fixed reports also. @ShaneDT didnt noticed connection problem or wrote it somewhere else...but for sure he have it.
  11. First of all You should consider deployment of agent instead aio installer. When it comes to different networks, You should base on routing ... If You Have multiple ip asigned to esmc nic, create agent installer with hostname. Create host in Your local dns so agent asking their configured DNS about connection know were to direct that agent.
  12. Hey there. Just enable auto exclusions in Your File Security product policy, SQL will be discovered when it will be installed.
  13. Im not team member but I would advice to maintaine Your licence. There is a task to delete not connecting devices to consol in specified period of time. Duplicate entries are not hard to find in ELA and they appears when (mostly) when id of agent changed.
  14. Best way is : download new Virtual Appliance with ESMC preinstalled pull database from old server after succesfull migration to new server run component upgrade task or create installer of agent + ini file and drop it into gpo create dynamic group sorting stations with older av product and attach run task when joined DG with AV v7 installation
  15. @Branko Granko Create new task "run command" Run on problematic stations
  16. From my personal experience, disabling firewall on server and clients (or only on clients) cause problems with connections. ICMP doesnt work for example. I would try to enable it on test machine + on server. Allow inbound and outbound for era services on server + client. Yeah, I know...it worked before, now its not. ESMC use persistent connections. Please try it and provide client + server logs when it drops connections. It would be great to record network packets via wireshark (client + server). These are base information, they will help to understand where we have a problem. Is it netwo
  17. All I can say is, I had similar problems to You guys. Version 6 worked for me without any problems. Then after upgrade I noticed several issues. I was sure that it was ESET console, but I was wrong. In my case problems were caused by security profiles on UTM (enterprise firewall). Console works like a charm....so... Im almost sure its not ESET when it comes to Your console. I would start with basic info : is this server within Your network (when agents) or its remote how many agents what are server specifications what type of database are You using what logs
  18. All of You guys use windows as a os for esmc?
  19. @Jimmy09 can You paste Your logs while server drops connections? Pm me with details about Your env configuration. I will try to help You. Restarting server isnt an option
  20. Im happy that my problems are finally solved and Im continue to upgrade clients @MichalJ
  21. ERA Proxy is not supported in ESMC
  22. Please use eset uninstaller and clean old registry records
  23. I used wireshark on client side and tcpdump on server side. Everyone was investigated in looking into my problem.
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