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  1. Ok, on Virtual Box 4.2.16 problem doesn't exists. So, there is problem with vmware vs eset smart security only. Maybe reinstall of vmware and eset would help. For now I'm staying with vbox. Thanks for replies Marcos.
  2. Hello, no records about blocked communications. Only behavior - switching off the firewall - ssh is stable, switching on - ssh is disconnected. Maybe I'll try with Virtual Box and see if i'll get the same problems. Regards, Tregarth.
  3. Hello Marcos, thanks for Your post. I've checked both options in IDS setup but there is no improvement. Still, after about 1 minute, connection broke down. Some time ago, when I was using Outpost + NOD 32 and Virtual Box I needed to do those steps, to get network operative: hxxp://www.agnitum.com/support/kb/article.php?id=1000061〈=en Is there any need to create adequate configuration in ESET Smart Security? If so, I would be glad for information, how to translate this configuration to ESET SS. Regards, Tregarth. PS: i'm attaching screenshot where we can see connection but later on, when connection hangs I can input some eneters or any chars and I can see, that I'am sending pockets and B/s is changing but there are no pocket recived in another column
  4. Hello, I've got 6.0.316.1 ESET Smart Security and VMWare Player 5.0.2 build-1031769. When I connect through ssh (putty) to guest linux system I'm disconnected after about 1 minute or earlier. When I disabled firewall there was no disconnect. What I should configure to be safe and don't get disconnected? Interactive mode won't help - I'm just disconnected without any warning. My network is builded on Netgear DGND3700v2 with mac<>ip reservation. On VMWare I've got bridged network configuration and lan cable connection to router. Regards, Tregarth.
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