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  1. Sorry, using Management Center, no license key. But if I try to convert a license key from the ELA and enter it in the Client, it doesn't work too. Error Code: Act.7 (Something like, the license is not for these product) Well, got it! Downloaded the wrong one, Security not Antivir....
  2. Hello, I've updated some machines to Version 7.1.2045.5, but none of them activates. I've still tried restarts of Server/Client, update the Agent to latest Version, activation Task runs and completes without error multiple times. Trying to completly remove Eset and install it again now (will post the result later...). PCs are running on Win7 to different Win10 Versions, so I don't think it is OS related. Any known issues? Anyone else with these problem?
  3. Okay, today it starts again... you got a message with a download link from our Onedrive.
  4. Hi Peter Randziak, At the weekend 9th/10th Feb. I've installed the latest V7, directly on Monday 11th the termsrv went up in massive cpu usage so I had to uninstall it again. Last weekwend 16th/17th I've installed the latest File Security V6.5, until now it performs well. I'm pretty sure it is an issue with V7, cause nothing else changed. I would like to help troubleshooting but if I install V7 again, we will have a lot of employee that can't work for hours until all data is collected and of course I can't say when it happen so waiting for technical assistance in that case is very time critical. So any idea?
  5. Hi Marcos, the amount of logins is no problem, we only have a maximum of 22 remote users, approx. 10-15 logged in during the working hours. If you ask for logins per minute it would be something under 1 (I still have checked the event log for suspicious logins). Sorry, can't say someting about the "startup file check task", I had to uninstall eset. I might give the old V6 file security a try and see how it performs.
  6. Hi, haven't found anyone else with these problems, but maybe eset can confirm? We are using a Windows 2016 Server DC v1607 (all updates installed) with remote desktop services aka terminalserver and Eset V7. ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.577.0) ESET Security Management Center (Web-Konsole), Version 7.0 (7.0.429.0) ESET File Security 7.0.12014.0 / 7.0.12016.0 (I think I've tested both) The "Remotedesktopservices" / termsrv generates a massive amount of cpu usage, I saw it using over 40% on a VM with 10x 2,6Ghz! It is impossible to work on the Server anymore. Once the Server is restarted everything works fine for some hours until "the bug" starts again. I've still uninstalled, reinstalled, used different policies and followed esets guidance for policies on terminalserver, nothing helped. I've done some tests over the last 2 weeks without eset and everyting was fine, last week I decided to install eset file security again and give it a try and today we've got the same problem again. I have to leave it uninstalled, so don't ask me for any traces! Maybe you can confirm a known bug or test it on your own.
  7. Hi MichalJ, we buy the license at our distributor (Mattern Consult GmbH) and get a license file back to import in ERA. That is all I know for years now. See picture. No user, no password. We never set up ELA or had access to it, so looks like I have to ask Mattern Consult.
  8. Hi, I have the same issue like some others here but with one difference, so hopefully someone can help me. On ERA Website | License Management we are at 102/100 Licenses, surly not good. I ran the report (https://forum.eset.com/topic/11087-licence-information-user-count-not-right-in-era-admin-console/) and got the same amount of Computers shown in Era Web (about 90), so we should be safe with the 100 Licenses. I would like to clean it up on ELA or EBA or whereever I can but in any way they are asking for a License Key, but we don't have one, we only have a License File! So what can I do?
  9. Looks everything fine, that's why I don't understand that's not working! Scope Time Text Last replication 2016-Mar-24 13:18:00 OK Last successful replication 2016-Mar-24 13:18:00 OK Successful replications: 6453 All replication attempts: 6457 Peer certificate 2016-Mar-24 07:29:41 OK Replication security 2016-Mar-24 13:17:59 OK Remote host: localhost Remote product: Server Ok, after my vacation...
  10. One more question: Ok, now I got the profile installed, but I can't do anything with it, the status didn't change into "managed". There is no agent to be installed, I can't find any KB or manual for it, that's really annoying! Following the KB article: VII. Activate iOS MDM product using ERA Product activation task After completing parts I – VI above, the device will appear in the Computers section of ESET Remote Administrator under Lost & Found and will automatically be added to the dynamic group Mobile devices → iOS devices. --> No, it doesn't work like this here.
  11. Ok, got it! Thanks! Created another MDC and after using the DNS Name and not the * like in Figure 2.2, it works! I've tried that before, but there must be another mistake last time.
  12. I've also tried this before, doesn't help. Are there any prerequirements I have to do on the iPhone? I haven't found any.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to install ESET on some new iPhone 5s, I've followed these KB article: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5771/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US I can open the enrollment link, but after the question "Do you trust...." the installation fails with "Profile could not be installed". Is there something missing in the KB article? How can I get it work?
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