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  1. If you click "advanced" what shows up there?
  2. Hi, When reinstalling ERAv6 with SQL Express DB, after leaving the DB in place, what is the default database username and password when it comes to setting up again, using existing DB? It does not accept the default values and I was not asked to set this up during the install. Please advise.
  3. Hello, How would one apply a rule to block zip files, and ignore certain recipients? Is this format correct for a NOT rule: forbidden archive attachments rule check message recipient check attachment name NOT "email1@domain.com" "email2@domain.com" <-- (should this be NOT ("email1@domain.com" OR "email2@domain.com")??) *.7z;*.ace;*.arj;*.bz2;*.cab;*.dbx;*.gz;*.lha;*.msi;*.rar;*.sis;*.tar;*.zip;*.exe take action for uncleaned threat/unsolicited email Is there a more efficient way to exclude certain recipients/senders from rule filtering? I believe any AS exclusions (approved senders etc) would be performed after a rule check. Thank you for your assistance.
  4. +1 for a rule to block attachments containing exe files
  5. Hi, Does ESET support the full use of environment variables such as %appdata% and %userprofile% in its exclusions? Will all environs be resolved on the client? Also is one directory level considered to use suffix "*.*" and all subfolders "*" ? Please clarify. Thanks.
  6. Dont bother reinstalling. This can be replicated quite easily, it just means the file is not known, or has not reached a defined threshold to show any kind of statistical data. Try a more common file.
  7. Most common cause of rollback is usually corrupt BFE service (if Vista/7) and may indicate infection. If you open command prompt and type "sc query BFE" what does that return? Alternatively check for Sirefef infection using this article hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2895&ref=tw
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