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  1. I have a reproducible environment that we can see the issue in, here are the steps to reproduce the issue: System: Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit. Jukebox Player Steps To Reproduce: 1. Install Jukebox Player from Numecent. 2. Install NOD32 Antivirus 9.0.318.0 3. Navigate to: hxxp://numecentcloud.com/service 4. Login with credentials: <can be provided in private to ESET R&D if needed, please contact me.> 5. Cloudpage Adobe Photoshop CS5 32-bit. 6. Run ESET NOD32 Scan (or any other virtualized application). Results: You will be unable to get to any web site on TCP 80 or 443 when ESET is enabled. Turning off the Antivirus will correct the issue. I have reported this 2 times to your support team and both times my tickets have been closed without any warning or resolution. This issue impacts many universities in the US and Europe using our combined software for BYOD implementations. I would like to stress that we have a very large number of users getting a very bad experience as a direct result of this issue and we currently have no option but to inform them that this is an outstanding issue with the ESET product and the only way to resolve the problem is to choose another anti-virus solution.
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