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  1. Maybe a visual would be helpful. The attached is a screen shot. They are not listed twist in the same folder. There is one listing in one folder and another listing in another folder. They are one in the same machines. You mentioned something about "merging" can you explain please. TIA eset_problem.doc
  2. Thank you jimwillsher Ok so now that I'm on the right track..... satus.html is all green.
  3. In the ERA console I have my AD folder structure. There is an OU names Laptops. In this OU folder machines are reported as "Unmanaged" so the details are not populated. If I look at the same machine in "Lost and Found" it reports the "Last Connected" was this morning at 10:38am. So why do my machines say unmanaged in the AD OU folder but in Lost and Found things look to be working? Another problem I've noticed is that there are no "Log" folder on the clients. c:\program Files\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\ No log folder or status.html.
  4. Getting to be too much bother than it's worth ............ Deployed the remote admin agent via a GPO as documented by Eset. Pushing the end point anti-virus kept getting stuck as "pending" so I had to manually install it on each machine. Now my machines are listed in Lost & Found and in my AD OU folder. I can deal with them listed in both but the part I'm struggling with is why do they report as "Unmanaged" and how do I fix it? TIA
  5. Been using ESET for a few years. Never ran into this problem before. Just upgraded ERA, pushed remote admin out with a GPO and pushed out the AV 6 client. Users are reporting very slow boot ups when outside of our corp. LAN? I've been testing and sure enough the average boot time is 10-15 seconds on the LAN. When on an external network it take 1.5 to 2 minutes to boot. I'm sure eset is trying to call home to mom and waiting for it to time out but where and how do I fix this?
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