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  1. I just tried it again... and you are right. Half a day wasted
  2. I tried to upgrade our ERA server from v5.2.26.0 to and i received the following error message: ESET Remote Administrator Server Setup Wizard ended due to an error. In the install log only the following error was present: <2016-02-29 14:40:41> Creating certificates... <2016-02-29 14:40:44> Operation failed: CertCreateSelfSignCertificate error (Code=87) <2016-02-29 14:40:44> SelfSigned certificate were not installed properly. HTTPS protocol will be inaccessible. <2016-02-29 14:40:44> InstallAbort: Entered I tried reinstalling the old version, same outcome. I tried to do a fresh install on another machine with the same error. Do you have any ideas regarding this issue?
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