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  1. Hi, on Windows 10, NOD32 informs me of available Windows updates - however, when I start Windows Update, I get informed that all updates are already installed. I restarted the PC several times, yet NOD32 still insists those updates are available...
  2. Using NOD32 9.0.349.15 on Windows 10, it blocks Javascript-Captchas both in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Even the one on ESET's own website (when registering for this forum). Only when NOD32 is deactivated will the captcha be displayed and work... Is there any way of fixing that without disabling protection?
  3. I am using NOD32 on Windows 10 with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Since today's update, NOD32 blocks product pages on Amazon.de - e.g. this one: hxxp://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00005U2FA Insted, a warning is shown that the page contains a JS/ScrInject.B trojan. This applies both to tries with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Somehow I am not convinced that Amazon has a trojan on their pages...
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