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  1. ESET Support suggests I uninstall and re-install. I will re update this thread if that doesn't fix my problem.
  2. Just to let people know, my Outlook is working fine still without the ESET addin. I have raised the issue with ESET support. We will see what they suggest. May take a while for them to respond,
  3. I've been having occasional startup problems with Outlook for Microsoft 365 since the update (a few days ago). Today it wouldn't open unless using Safe Mode. I disabled the Eset Addin for Outlook. Now it started right away. I'm using Internet Security V13.2.15.0 on Windows 10 Pro 1910. Also recently installed KB4560960 - the 2020-06 update for 1909, Anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks!
  4. And what about RoboForm? I have the same problem in Smart Security 9.0.386.0 ... I cannot use RoboForm in the secure browser. It just doesn't appear there. So it is difficult for me to access banking sites via the secure browser. So for now I'm just suppressing the use of the secure browser when it gets in the way. We should be able to use both LastPass and RoboForm from the secure browser.... Hopefully support for the latest RoboForm version will also be added very shortly. I use both Firefox and Chrome. Thanks very much for dealing with this.
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