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  1. THANK YOU for your reply. I will go for ESS v10. [can't wait for it!! :) ] https://www.facebook...fref=ts Is it official ESET Facebook page? If no then give me official Facebook page link.
  2. See this 3 attachment & tell us when it (ESS 10) will come? Link: hxxp://help.eset.com/ess/10/en-US/
  3. THANK YOU for your reply. 1. ESS will remain as is but why not release 2017 version or beta version for ESS? 2. Means ESS have Ransomware protection? 3. Yes but previously when I google about 'ESET Website' result it was showing: esetnod32.in so it was distributer website? Now when I try to access esetnod32.in it's redirected to smartsecurity.in & show 'Site under constraction. Please try again.' 4. Why ESET change it's partner? 5. https://www.facebook.com/IndiaESET/?fref=ts Is it official ESET Facebook page? If no then give me official Facebook page link.
  4. SORRY FOR MY INCORRECT ENGLISH ALL ESET PRODUCT ARE EXCELLENT. NO DOUBT. ESET start it's Beta version. EAV, EIS & ESSP 2017 version or version 10. But what about ESS? It's name change to EIS or it's still remain same? If yes then why it not showing ESS 2017 version? EIS & ESSP 2017 have Ransomware protection. But EAV & ESS 2017(if ESS 2017 release) ? without Anti Ransomware? Mainly why ESS not showing it's 2017 version or version 9 to 10? ESET discontinued it's website for India ( smartsecurity.in ) & showing: Site under construction. Please try again later. When I visit www.eset.com & select country India it's redirect to https://www.eset.com/int/business/partner/find/india/& show Indian partner. But why ESET stopped it's Indian official website & also official Facebook page? If I have ESS 9 activation key should I apply it on ESS 2017 version? (if ESS 2017 or ESS 10 release)? PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER ALL MY QUESTION. I TRUST ESET THAT'S WHY I QUESTION ABOUT ESS. THANK YOU.
  5. But no toolbar installed on my system when I Ignore & use this software.
  6. I am using ESET Smart Security 9.0.402.0 . ESET detects some downloads as virus. I am using latest Firefox browser(48.0.1) . It's false alert. See attached screenshoot.
  7. If I turn off network discovery on my computer, my PC visible to others? I am using broadband with ESET Internet Security 10 beta Why Home Network protection show other user IP & MAC ID. Is this 2 thing will be visible to others if I using ESET Internet Security with turned off network discovery? Please reply me. Thanks.
  8. Update Info ESET Virus signature database. 13607 (as of 7/6/2016) (www.virusradar.com) But when I try to update(ESS 9.0.381.0) update & apply complete but showing the previous number 13606. My internet connection(broadband) is stable & fast. The GUI does not show the new update number even restart ESS or system.
  9. What does the features of the product (or lack of anti-features and use of certain buzzwords to be correct) have anything to do with how good/bad the customer care is in India ? The title of your thread is "missing features", but a more appropriate title would be: "customer care in India is no good, can you help me ? ". "Facing update problem sometimes. Also customer support is bad." Then write a bit about your update problems and what customer care in India was unable to help you with. Update issue: Try to update......it takes update & apply but show previous database number(example: 13590), current version number as of 6/3/2016, 19:21 is (13591).
  10. Bro, some problem happened sometimes with ESET & customer care in India is not good. That's why I told this all. Is anything wrong with it??
  11. Facing update problem sometimes. Also customer support is bad.
  12. Complex settings. User need to set everything. Database update problem. Many false detection detect uTorent. Bad customer care in India. Toll free number & ticket submit ddepartment is very bad. ken1943 say: Yes I have already purchased a new product & it's better than ESET. As I have an active license of ESET that's why I told this so what is your problem, ken1943??
  13. ESET does not have Anti keylogger option & Anti Rogueware scan option. Also WiFi network monitor option not found. Screen locker protection not found. Behaviour detection & block suspicious packed files option not found. Also does not have Safe mode protection, with safe mode protection malicious software or virus can't change ESET settings.
  14. 2 new products will come in India or not? I have heard both name. ESET Internet Security & ESET Smart Security Premium. Right?
  15. I am confused. I have heard that ESET Smart Security changed it's name to ESET Internet Security in version 10 which is currently beta. If yes, then what about current Smart Security? Please confirm.
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