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  1. Thanks MartinK! Can you point me in the rigth direction how to do it ? Should i ask suport for my Eset´s local resseler ? Thanks again for your help!
  2. Since a few days a go, eraserver.exe process is consuming to much memory make the sever becoming very slow:
  3. My mystake when printing screen. It´s possible to remove the topic ?
  4. When i create a client task under ESET Security Product => Software Install with the goal of installing the last version of EES. I noticed that always are two identical options (see attached image) under SETTINGS => PACKAGE TO INSTALL => Install package from repository: CHOOSE PACKAGE At first, i fought it was based on architecture ( x32 or x64), but there´s no written information about it. Any insight is appreciated.
  5. I believe the url categorization should be reviewed. I am setting up it like my company default web control tool but unfortunately i receiving some claims about miscategorization url´s I found out that i should report wrong url categorization in this site https://www.eset.com/tools/miscat/ but i dont if it´s working. Follow some pics attached with this issue
  6. Description: Improvement / Features for "Web Control" menuDetail: The fied "Blocked webpage message" shoud accept advanced HTML tags, after all, there are many business wich control internet navigation whitin this tool. Beside that url categorization works extremely poor in other languages than english.
  7. Hi, I am implanting we control on our network. Made a production test in a few machine. I´m using category-group control with some espefically url free navigation. Some user are complayiing that some sites are being wrong classified by the category-group control. I got one myself (see atached) this site should be classified something like "service" or "busisness and finance" but no like "Movie and TV" I´d like tk know where can i ask for change wrong or misplaced sites classification P.S: Sorry for my bad english
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