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  1. I ended up reinstalling ESET per the document above and now ESET is using up an extra seat. How do I free up the previous seat? My computer is now registered as computername-1. Thx.
  2. Oh boy. I forgot there was an original license owner account that I used to create myself a security admin account when we rolled over to ESET 6. I just logged in as the original owner and removed the computer. Thank you both!
  3. Hi folks. I'm logged into ESET License Administrator on the web and under Unit Management I have several computers with "name", "name-1", etc highlighted in red as multiple products. The issue I have is: I cannot deactivate/remove the computer in question because it says it has been "activated from ERA." (see attached screenshot) I logged into ERA on my server and could not find the duplicate computer name to remove. How do I remove this duplicate machine to free up the license seat?
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