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  1. I have the same event ID showing also. I honestly don't know if it's a serious issue or not. I installed EIS v11.1.42.0 over my old version. Windows 10 Home x64 1709 16299.309 (also all up to date) Detection Engine: 17084 (20180319) Rapid Response module: 11793 (20180319) Update module: 1014 (20180123) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1535 (20180202) Advanced heuristics module: 1184.1 (20171212) Archive support module: 1272 (20180122) Cleaner module: 1154 (20180222) Anti-Stealth support module: 1128 (20180316) Firewall module: 1373.1 (20180103) ESET SysInspector module: 1270 (20170808) Translation support module: 1672 (20180309) HIPS support module: 1313 (20180227) Internet protection module: 1328 (20180226) Web content filter module: 1058 (20170406) Advanced antispam module: 7064 (20180319) Database module: 1096 (20180202) Configuration module (33): 1659.1 (20180315) LiveGrid communication module: 1043 (20180205) Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405) Banking & payment protection module: 1126 (20180309) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1019 (20170825) Network protection module: 1628 (20180319) Router vulnerability scanner module: 1045 (20180131) Script scanner module: 1033 (20180228) Connected Home Network module: 1019.1 (20180220) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1025 (20171106)
  2. Thanks for the information and explanations itman. It is very much appreciated.
  3. I had the same thing after my upgrade of Windows 10. I just turned everything off in the "Network and Internet" section of the settings. Easy for me to do though because I don't use Bluetooth or WI-Fi. Also ken1943 is right. If you disables any MS stuff because of spying, go back and re-check. I had all sorts of turned on I didn't want. I also uninstalled most of the Windows apps that come with windows 10. Sorry if I got a bit off topic.
  4. Thanks Marcos, that took care of it. Glad to see a fix coming. Cheers.
  5. I get this error over 1500 times a day since the anniversary update. "Error while updating status to SECURITY PRODUCT STATE ON" Caps are in event log. Event ID is 16 and it's from the security center. It doesn't seem to hurt anything. Its just annoying. Under "Security and Maintenance" it says virus protection is currently not monitored. Windows defender is turned off and the firewall says it's being managed by ESET. Any way to stop this from logging so much. Should I be looking at the Windows side of things or the ESET side of things? Should I even care? Any help or info. is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Daffie - As to the security alert. Go to "Setup". Bottom right go to "Advanced Setup". Go to "User Interface". Expand "User Interface Elements". Under "Statuses" there is a clickable "edit" next to application statuses. In there is a bunch of check boxes with the statuses to show. One of them is for e-mail. Uncheck that box and see if it stops the security message. I disabled e-mail protection also, but even though the box was checked to recieve notification if my e-mail protection was disabled, I never received a notification. Apparently you did get the notification. Good luck, I hope all that made sense.
  7. No problem here. Just did the windows update. Maybe you were just unlucky and the windows update service had a temporary problem? Other question : how to disable the "security alerts". I know I have my mail protection disabled so I want to turn off the alert. Thanks Daffie - I downloaded the installer package (95mb) and installed over v8.Windows update is really slow, but it works now. Maybe Windows update site was down or overloaded. Who knows. Just glad it works now. I should have mentioned I'm on Win7 64bit in case anybody else has problems.
  8. Upgraded via Live Installer over v8 to v9. Tried to download Windows updates and couldn't. Ended with an error each time. Restored an image from a couple of days ago with v8 installed and the Windows update process went fine. Anybody else have trouble with Windows update and v9?
  9. Installed over version 7 (Eset recommends a clean install) and everything is working fine. The only glitch I encountered was during the install process. For some reason Windows Defender started. I turned it off again and everything is fine. Thanks Eset for the good work. It is very much appreciated. Win 7 64 bit
  10. Well a rollback didn't work. Rolled back to 9910. Restarted computer. Went back into advanced setup to allow updates again. Now I'm stuck on 9910. It was worth a try. I think I'll quit now.
  11. I clicked a bunch of times and once or twice it looked like it was going to update but then went back to "virus signature database up to date". Weird. I'll just leave it alone and come back later. I've seen this happen in the past and it usually works itself out.
  12. Mine seems to be acting weird as well. Try to update from 9913 and keep getting the "virus signature up to date" message. I cleared update cache and will give it some time. This happens now and again and usually seems to resolve itself.
  13. Thanks SweX. It's been running fine, but I'll add the exclusions. Like you said it doesn't hurt.
  14. Dowmloaded and installed over 7.0.302.26 and everything is working fine. New splashscreen is nice.
  15. Sorry to hear of your troubles nmendes. You can see what I did in the posts above. I just got tired of trying to track down the problem and did a clean install. I hope you can find out where your problem is. Good luck. I wish I had something more to offer you.
  16. Just added MBAM Pro to my security setup. Do I need to add eclusions to MBAM for ESET and vice versa ? I've read some threads and got a little bit of conflicting information. That's wht I decided to ask. If so, is there a definitive list. I know this has been asked many times before, but when I'm not sure, I ask. It's only been a couple of hours but everything seems pretty smooth. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Thanks Arakasi. I don't blame ESET. I screwed up my system somehow. I have everything saved and will migrate slowly. I've got internet access, secutity software and some essentials loaded. The rest I can do during some free time or as needed.
  18. Well I did the Process monitor boot log. I spent a couple of hours looking and learning about what it told me. Then I realized that reinstalling Windows 7 would probably be easier. So that's what I did. I was up and running again in about 45 minutes. I love how easy Windows 7 is to install. Installed Smart Security and things are fine. I'm going to download all of the security updates from Microsoft and then back eveything up. I needed a clean install backup anyway. I'll start configuring and adding programs later. For anybody else that has this problem, a clean install may be the best solution. Try some malware and rootkit/virus software first and if they can't find a problem just reinstall. I spent a good 8 hours yesterday looking for solutions. In the long run a clean install was easier. Thanks for the suggestions from everyone. Hopefully nobody need this thread in the future.
  19. Thanks Arakasi. Unfortunately I was thinking the same thing. It's probably about time anyway. It's been a few years since I formatted the system and started over. It will give me a chance to clean up some . As you can tell I'm trying to look on the btight side.
  20. Tried everything before I came here. Uninstall in safe mode then reinstall (2X). Made sure driver was uninstalled. When uninstalled ran two online security scans (Kaspersky and Eset), found nothing. Ran Malwarybytes, Superantispyware, Hitman (found conduit), Rkill, Eset Rouge App Remover, Emisoft Emergency kit, Combofix, TDSS killer and Junkware Removal Tool. Found nothing. After a re-install Eset SS ran fine. Did an in depth scan and again found nothing. When I reboot I get the kernel error. ESET gui comes up blank. Enter services.msc and Eset is stopped and can't be started (error 1053). I've seen others have this problem occasionally. I'm all out of ideas. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Thanks Arakasi and SweX. I was a little cranky, but as they usually do, things worked out in the end.
  22. Success ! Thanks Aryeh. Got a phone call today and got everything worked out. Still don't know why it said my license expired, but I renewed and everything is updated. Thanks to everyone here and on the general discussions forum that took time to help me out. It was much appreciated. Still not thrilled with ESET customer service though. Not very responsive. Hopefully it was just a one time thing. That's the way I'm looking at it. Once again, thanks to all.
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