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  1. At this point, Techs should be stepping in. You're implying that neither the Mac and Windows versions are blocking Phishing sites right now. That's red alarms.
  2. I haven't tried it with my VPN software, but it shouldn't be required. Try a stock browser with no extensions or add-ins. It should be blocked in a Private or Incognito Window.
  3. On my Mac, all of the tests create warnings and the PUA is blocked, but the Phishing test page still is not blocked. That's a strange result because I have come across pages that would not load and yield an ESET warning about Phishing attempts.
  4. Those downloads are blocked by my copy of ESET Cyber Security Pro, but the Phishing test still fails.
  5. Hmm, I could have sworn this worked in the past. Now it no longer seems to be working for me either. I would be interested to find the solution to this also.
  6. Hi foneil, I installed the app from the Amazon Appstore. I'll try to follow the steps from that link (apk) and see if it works consistently. I tried late last night (again, Appstore) and noticed that I received a request to reply to my Test probe early this morning. I'll let you know the results. Jack's_Son
  7. Okay, from what I can determine, Anti-Theft will not work because my Kindle, although it can receive messages via Verizon's Messaging Service but does NOT allow calls, is exempt from the Anti-Theft capability. However, I DID get it to work one time, but cannot seem to be able to replicate the process. I sent out a Test (for a missing device) and after a few minutes, it showed a map of my block. So, it CAN work, just not consistently. I'm going to try and find the right combination to get it to work more than once. Thanks for the tips. p.s Any idea when the Phishing component if/will work with Kindle's Silk browser?
  8. This question is directed to both forum posters and moderators: I own a licensed version of ESET Multi-Device Internet Security which covers my MacBook Air, Windows HP Pavilion laptop, and any Android device I may add. This suite covers most of my devices (except my iPad and iPhone), now, I am wondering if this will also cover my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8. I recently installed the Android portion from Amazon's App Store onto my Kindle Fire HD 8 and the installation was error free, However, when I check and manage my devices online, I see that although my Kindle is visible, it states that my Kindle installation is not manageable. Is there a proper way to install the software and activate it so that it is manageable? I don't recall the exact difficulties I encountered, but it may be a combination of lack of theft protection or manageability. Any advice that may facilitate this, is welcome. If what I am attempting is impossible at the current time, then I would welcome that information also. Perhaps I need to set my Kindle's installation protocols to accept installation from the ESET store in addition to Amazon's App Store? Anyway, if someone has done this or has attempted this and discovered some incompatibility, that news would also be welcome. If a moderator can point me to a White Page on the subject, I would also appreciate that also. In short, I would welcome any advice. Regards Jack's_Son
  9. LeoAr, I don't believe this is an ESET problem. If your Mac is able to see your iPhone, then it's not being blocked by ESET's Media setting. Have you checked your iTunes settings? I believe there is a setting in iTunes for allowing transfer of pictures.
  10. Hi All, I have a quick question, my license for ESET Multi-Device and Cyber Security Pro on my Mac is due to expire soon. So, I renewed it through the application, paid for the renewal and received my confirmation. I think I read in the email confirmation that it might take 24-48 hours for the renewal to go into effect and that there was noting further I needed to do. However, the new license, user name, & password are different than my old information. Does the renewal occur automatically, or do i need to download the software again and use the new license, user name, and password? I believe I'm still protected for now, but am unsure what the next steps are. This is my first renewal. I would appreciate any tips and advice. Thanks in advance. Jack's_Son
  11. That IS odd! I assume, since you have Phantom Users set up under Parental Controls or Anti-theft on your Windows devices, what happens if you temporarily activate Parental Control on the Cyber Security Pro of the Mac? Is the Phantom User carried over to your Mac? All the devices are tied into a single license with the same product key, user id, and password. When I activated my software, I was given those three items as part of my purchase.
  12. Planet, ESET customer support was able to resolve my unknown user issue. I also have a Windows laptop that has Smart Security installed. Smart Security recommends the creation of a Phantom User as an additional Anti-theft measure. However, because the Phantom user is part of your ESET account, it transfers that information across platforms; including Parental Controls.
  13. There are only three folders in 'Macintosh HD/Users/': Myself, Dropbox, & Shared. I'm reasonably certain that I ran across mention of 'angulinerved' in some ESET documentation, but I just searched through the manual and did a seach, but found no mention of such a user. I'm still hoping someone from ESET moderator or an other forum member will clarify this situation.
  14. Planet, I had searched Google like you, and could not find a similar user named "angulinerved" either. However, when I searched through documentation for the software, i THOUGHT I came across mention of the user under Parental Controls; hence my edit to my query. I'll search again, but there is no such user in my System Preferences -> Users & Groups on my Mac. The only place it shows up is in my ESET setup. I'll search again. If any other user or Mod could chime in, I would appreciate help in solving this puzzle. ESET Parental Control.tiff
  15. froco, I am a relatively new user of ESET Cyber Security Pro (for Mac) as I purchased the ESET Multi-Device Security suite at the beginning of February 2016. My primary laptop is a MacBook Air with a secondary Windows 7 HP Pavilion laptop. I also own a couple of iOS devices and my brother owns an Android phone. The Multi-Device suite comes with all of the components for each of my devices (except, of course, my iPad and iPhone) and also covers my brother's Android phone. What I did was research all of the anti-virus suites; both paid and free. I then installed them each individually, and thoroughly ran them through tests by going to the AMTSO web site. Some passed each of the tests and others failed. My main concern was the "drive-by phishing" tests since Macs really don't pay much attention to Windows executables (*.EXE files) and I don't use my Windows laptop very often. Anyway, I decided the ESET suite was the best for my purposes and have been happy ever since. Some of the free ones are fine; such as Sophos and Panda (I previously was a McAfee user as that was the one that my cable company offered for free). However, my free subscription was due to expire so I decided to shell out the money. Yes, they can be expensive, but so can any financial loss due to shoddy practices and software. Do your research, test the suites and decide for yourself. If the free suites are sufficient for your purposes, then you have your answer. Some of the top suites don't offer Mac versions and NONE of them can run on any iOS devices. Check your inventory (Windows, Mac, Android) and decide what your needs are. Good luck!
  16. Hello All, I am a new user of ESET Cyber Security Pro (for Mac) and have not had a chance to explore all the options and settings. After reviewing some basic settings, I've discovered that in Preferences --> Tools --> Privileges, there are two users; Myself and another unknown user called, "angulinerved". This is my personal MacBook Air 13" running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 and no other users have access to it. I ran both a Malwarebytes and a full ESET deep scan and both come up clean. I don't know why this unknown user is listed and I cannot delete that listing. Does anyone know if this is usual behavior or do I need to uninstall and perform a clean install? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mods, ‚ÄčIf it is possible, please delete this post. I eventually realized that the user, "angulinerved", is an ESET system user created when Parental Controls are initiated (which I had done). Sorry
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