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  1. No, it is a new laptop with no previous version of Eset installed. Try the older ESET SS 9.0.318 installer. Its the only one that worked for me when i was having installer issues and then, run an update internally to the latest version.
  2. I've tried installing it from scratch using the latest installer but experienced the same issue. I managed to find the older version 9.0.318 on the internet (risky I know) but after I installed the product I had a similar issue and in this case the real-time protection failed to start also. However, this was resolved after a restart after which there were no issues. I updated to 9.0.375 using the in-built updater and all seems well for now. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hello Marcos, Thank you for the prompt reply. No the ESET Personal Firewall is not listed in my WiFi adapter properties.
  4. Hello, I've tried to install ESS 9.0.377.0 on my new HP laptop but it appears that either the network protection is incorrectly installed or ESS is incorrectly reporting the status. I am presented with the images attached. I've tried a complete uninstall, clearing up any left over entries in C:\ and also the registry, then reinstalling without any success. Also i've tried to run a setup repair from "program and features" with no effect. In addition enabling pre-release updates has little effect on this issue. The system is an AMD A10-8700P, running Win 10 Pro x64. No other security
  5. I cannot find those settings in ESET SS v9. Does such an option exist? I know it was present in v8.
  6. I cant find the icon to open "Network Connections" in a new window. Has this feature been removed?
  7. Hello Tomas, I cannot find the option in v9, to open network connections in a new window. I used to rely heavily on this feature to monitor network traffic especially when troubleshooting issues and also identifying ip addresses/ranges. Has it been removed? Also in real-time settings, there used to be an option in v8 to enable/disable "scan all files". Now while the default settings were good I preferred to have ESET v8 only scan the main file extensions. A list would appear after you unchecked "scan all files". Is there anyway of mirroring that in v9? I feel that this provides that extra
  8. It seems a few features such as opening tools in a separate new window and the option of enabling/disabling "scan all files" in real-time settings have been removed. Some other stuff has been reshuffled too.
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