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  1. Hi, I've noticed this bug long time ago and it still exists in version 9. Latest version of eset 9 is 9.0.349.14, I have 9.0.318.0 installed and when i hit "Check for updates" eset does not notify me about the update, instead it says that my version is "up to date" Finally fix this or get rid of that button. Thanks
  2. I Have noticed that the peronal firewall filtering mode has some new changes. Now its missing section "Automatic Mode with exceptions (user-defined rules)" I wonder if its now mixed with "Automatic Mode", or how do i can give allowing or denying rules for an applicaton
  3. Hello everyone! I would like to suggest you some change in the "Gamer Mode" It's enabling automaticly when I'm running any fullscreen application, but thats not that good! Many of my applications are running in Windowed mode and on full screen resolution. Antivirus is not able to detect that! So, would be better if you could create a list option where you can add programs which will enable "Gamer Mode" function automaticly. Thank you
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