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  1. Hello @Marcos sorry for my late reply, but had a computer problem. I won't be able to send the logs unfortunately. 😪 My boot-drive SSD died before I had a chance to collect any information so I had to send the drive in for R.M.A. I will have to re-install everything from scratch when I get my drive back so I will be redoing everything from fresh Windows. When my drive comes back I will install ESET again and see what happens. Thank you all for the help.
  2. @Marcos From what everyone is telling me on this thread, it looks like my install is broken and I have to uninstall ESET and then reboot and reinstall fresh copy and reconfigure everything from scratch. Also I will be away from my main PC for a few days so hopefully I will be able to do something when I'm back and a new version of ESET will be out hopefully soon. Do you still want me to save files and send logs via ESET Log Collector when I get back, it seems I need to download ESET software form website to collect the logs, is this still important? Or should I just uninstall ESET a
  3. Hey man, thank you for taking the time out and directing me to links to the other threads about this. I guess regarding what you said and what @itman posted this looks like my only way out. I guess I have no other option and I will just run the un-installer of ESET and remove it from my computer. Then I'm guessing a reset and visit the website and do a fresh install and just configure everything from there again from scratch and it will solve the problem? That is what worked for you? Thanks for the info about ESET not saving old installers. Since v12.2.29.0 is buggy and I don't have
  4. OK, I understand. Since the program seems to be borked like @Swamp Yankee mentioned to me then I guess I will just take screenshots of my settings, and make sure I have my key ready and uninstall ESET and then re-install ESET from a fresh install and configure it then and hopefully it will work and go back to normal. Probably something got messed up with the in product updates and I never realized it. Thanks for the info. OK, thank you for that information. I wasn't sure about that either. I guess my install is botched and I probably will have to uninstall and reinstall ESET t
  5. Here is the information you requested @Marcos Detection Engine: 20075 (20190925) Rapid Response module: 14957 (20190925) Update module: 1018.1 (20190709) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1555 (20190911) Advanced heuristics module: 1193 (20190626) Archive support module: 1292 (20190911) Cleaner module: 1200 (20190916) Anti-Stealth support module: 1154 (20190614) Firewall module: 1390 (20190712) ESET SysInspector module: 1275 (20181220) Translation support module: 1755.2 (20190913) HIPS support module: 1371 (20190906) Internet protection module: 1376 (201908
  6. Oh wow. Yea I only update ESET when I get a notification that a new version is available then I click update and it asks me to restart and I restart and I figure all is well. I haven't re-installed ESET ever because I've had no reason to on my main PC. Oh wow, so the only solution is a clean install? Ugh. Is v12.2.23.0 still available? I don't want to upgrade to the latest version, as its buggy right now. Thanks for letting me know you had similar problem, is that how you fixed it clean install only? Can you still export/import settings or no? I wish there was an easier way ...
  7. I checked everywhere and I don't have the Notifications menu like you do for whatever reason. It doesn't come up anywhere at all .... wth is going on? How would I lose the Notifications menu and only have it show email notifications.
  8. Which version of ESET are you using and what operating system? Is your advanced setup screen the same as the one @Marcos posted or is it like mine?
  9. @Marcos Thank you for the quick reply. I am not sure what version you are using but I do not see that screenshot in my version of EIS v12.2.23.0. I checked my interface and do not see those settings.
  10. Has anyone been experiencing this issue or not. I'm using EIS v12.2.23.0 here and Windows 10 and I've come to notice that I don't get a notification message or sound beep from ESET anymore when modules are updated or when website URL's have been blocked for security reasons on certain websites. I have not made any changes to the advanced setup or disabled any notifications. I even went as far as hitting the 'DEFAULT' button in advanced setup and ESET pop-up message said this will revert all settings to default, this action cannot be undone just to make sure I didn't un-check anything, so
  11. @Marcos I'm forced to agree here. I did my own testing here on a separate computer I have here that I strictly use for testing software, troubleshooting, etc. I've invested the last 3 days with this. This is an ESET v12.2.29 issue and is not related to Windows 10 or Microsoft WSC whatsoever, it is clearly a buggy software update at the fault of ESET. I have installed 3 previous/older versions of Windows 10 on this machine from fresh install media. Windows 10 v1709 (Nov 2017) and Windows 10 v1803 (April 2018) and Windows 10 v1809 (October 2018). The WSC issue is a common problem in all t
  12. Hello again, yes ... all links that @itman and @Marcos posted the links do not work. When I click on any of them they open up in a regular browser window or new tab. If you click any of these links like on the American sites: https://www.bankofamerica.com/ https://www.wellsfargo.com/ I am prompted to open the website in a secure browser. All of my banking websites worked fine last week as I was doing the banking then. As I mentioned. No Windows 10 updates have been installed. No new hardware or software has been installed or modified. No viruses or malware (I have done full
  13. Is this something that just happened recently?? Last week I was using this feature just fine. Never had a problem with ESET banking. I have not made any computer changes. No updates, no new software, no new Windows updates, nothing. 0 changes to the system. All is fine and running as it should be. Banking always worked. Now when I type in any Canadian banking website that I open doesn't work anymore (auto-direct) or auto-detect with ESET Internet Security This was always working fine for me. Just checked my bank last week. I test in Google all major Canadian Banks, and non
  14. Is this something that just happened recently? Last week I was using this just fine. Now any Canadian banking website that I open doesn't work anymore (auto-direct) or auto-detect with ESET Internet Security Was working fine next week. I test in Google all Canadian banks, none of them work, but when I type bank of america to test a diffrent bank it works. What happened? Did something get changed over the weekend. It just stopped working last week. I can still open manually via ESET > Banking and Protection. Then I get the green sandbox window but I still have to type th
  15. Carl, i know what you are talking about. This has happened to me twice over the past 2 months or so. It shows there are things like "chipset drivers" and other non critical updates available in eset notifications and when you go to windows update there is none available. Either reboot or ignore it, it will dissapear . I don't know where this information is being pulled from either but its some sort of weird bug. Do not ignore these updates, these updates are real and its a bug with WINDOWS 10 not with ESS v9 !!!! Actually, these are not bugs. It's just that the update system is Wind
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