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  1. hxxp://www.lemondeinformatique.fr/actualites/lire-des-chercheurs-retrouvent-une-parade-contre-cryptoxxx-64828.html
  2. i've not ask for this...w why don't you answer correctly ? :/ block execution of temp .exe isn't a right solution for sur create a partition for 300 computer ?? so i've just ask how to block creation of .locky files (block this extention in HIPS eset rules) because it does't do what i add
  3. ok thanks but how to block locky file creation ? if i block this registry key, locky is totaly blocked ?
  4. is it possible because Stormshield Endpoint Security block locky
  5. i don't speak about HKCU\Software\locky but about .locky files (second screen capture)
  6. i want to block/disable .locky files creation/rename like this : hxxp://www.netstaff.fr/blog/?p=768
  7. yes, i've test many rules, nothing work is there anyone that could make it work ?
  8. i've already the latest version/definitions for sure my eset config is ok my question is : why when i ask eset (in hips) to block files it doesn't work
  9. HI, how to block process that create .locky files HIPS seems not working for this thanks
  10. hi, i have the same problem column "computer's name" isn't here anymore same problem in exports... it take just one minute to add this thanks
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