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  1. One of my users' event log is filled with "ESET Daemon Cannot write to socket: Broken pipe root". I'm not finding any documentation that explains more about this - can anyone provide insight?
  2. The server has been restarted a few times since the client last connected. All but one of my other clients are connecting just fine. Yes, the two IP addresses are internal/external IP to the same server.
  3. Server is version running on Windows 7 Pro x64
  4. For some reason 1 of my clients has decided to stop checking in to our ERA server. The status.html looks fine and gives a green checkmark. I am attaching the "Last error log" which coincides with the last day the client connected to the server. I changed our actual IP address to to mask it, but it is the correct address. Last error log.htm
  5. I am seeing this problem as well, currently running 6.1.16 on OSX 10.11.3
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